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Voice Search Ranking

What are the Most Important Ranking Factors for Voice Search?

FaceBookTweetLinkedInE Mail What’s Important When it Comes to Voice Search? Digital marketers are all abuzz about voice search these days. It’s the newest hot topic in SEO, but many don’t understand what drives this form of search. More people than ever are using voice search to find the information they need on devices like smartphones and Google Home. It’s a convenient, hands-free way to search, but...
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Google June 2019 Search Update

Google June 2019 Core Search Algorithm Update

FaceBookTweetLinkedInE Mail The Google June 2019 Core Update As many of us know, Google rolled out some updates in June 2019, and already, reports are coming in about how this update has affected some business niches and websites. While it is still too early to understand and see the impact of the update fully, we felt it was always important to monitor what we are seeing...
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5 Reasons Your SEO Efforts Aren’t Producing a Good ROI

FaceBookTweetLinkedInE Mail Why aren’t Your SEO Efforts Producing ROI Search engine optimization is a good investment for most companies because when done correctly and well, it brings in a steady stream of leads that convert to clients. It works for you 24/7, whereas PPC advertising stops working the second you stop paying for it. But, a lot of SEO efforts aren’t what you expect them to...
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toxic backlinks

How do I remove bad or Toxic Backlinks?

FaceBookTweetLinkedInE Mail How to remove Toxic Backlinks? If you’re working to improve your SEO, one of the things you need to do is a backlink audit. The number of links you have to your website plays a role in your rank, but beyond the number of links, it’s the quality of links that matters to the search engines. Because you can’t control who links to what...
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SEO for Shopify

Shopify SEO

FaceBookTweetLinkedInE Mail SEO for Shopify Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms, with more than 600,000 businesses using it to host their store. The platform is full of features, comes with a variety of attractive templates to control the design, and makes it easy for people who aren’t web savvy to sell products – either physical or digital. SEO Inc are experts in optimizing...
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