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A healthier backlink profile can always be achieved.

Enhancing your backlink profile for better results. 

Backlink services

Before you spend the time and resources building new inbound links to your website, let SEO Inc. thoroughly analyze your Backlink Profile to see where improvements can be made by removing bad backlinks. Nine times out of ten, there will be something that can be done to improve your profile and increase the strength of your site by removing toxic and harmful links.

Using our new Backlink Profile Enhancement SEO services, SEO Inc.’s Link Removal experts will perform a backlink audit to identify any negative or unrelated links that are holding your site back and/or disrupting your business.

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Unrelated links are bad backlinks. 

we are an extension of your search engine marketing and technical teams. 

Removing unrelated and harmful types of “bad and toxic” backlinks will boost your site’s visibility. When we perform our backlink audit and enact our new Backlink Profile Enhancement service, we’ll improve the strength of your backlink profile and increase your site’s trust flow.

If you have negative and unrelated links in your backlink profile, the effects of the positive links coming to your site will be minimal. What good are ten excellent links if you have 300 negative links?

When you let SEO Inc. perform a backlink audit, we’ll ensure your backlink profile is free from these toxic and damaging backlinks. And when it is, those positive inbound links will boost your trust flow and set your site above the competition, allowing you to be the authority in your industry.

What are the most common bad backlinks to remove?

And what are some of the identifiers to look for?:
  • Link Farms or Link Networks
  • Social Bookmarking websites
  • Comments that are auto-approved from sites that are not moderated
  • Forum comments heavy with money keywords
  • Author tags from article pages with money keywords
  • Press Releases that are over-optimized (Press Releases should be Brand only links)
  • Links from pages with very little content
  • Backlinks from websites with duplicate content
  • Link directories
  • Pages that have nothing but links
  • Pages set up specifically to share links
  • Links from irrelevant websites and content
  • Low Domain Flow Metrics (Majestic Citation & Trust Flow, MOZ Domain Authority and Page Authority)
  • Irrelevant CCTLD (Links from country level domains where your business has no target audience/operating presence)
  • Unrelated links from websites that bear no relevance to the content or theme of your website
  • The number of outbound links from the page your backlinks are located – the more outbound links, the less credible your link becomes, and any more than ten could be an issue
  • Website home page that has a 0 page rank or no Google Page Rank (N/A could be an indicator that the website has been banned)
  • No social activity (Likes, Shares & Retweets) indicating the site is inactive or no longer being updated
  • Overly optimized, keyword-rich anchor text spammy content
  • Little or no indexed pages in Google’s SERP’s


  • Trust Flow – how trustworthy a page/domain is based on how trustworthy sites tend to link to trustworthy neighbors
  • Citation Flow – how influential a URL is based on how many sites link to it

Backlink Services

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“But if I don’t have a manual penalty, why do I need Backlink Profile Enhancement?”

Even without a manual penalty from Google notifying you of a bad backlink profile, there may still be negative and unrelated backlinks holding your site back from being the most authoritative and trusted it could be. The search engine optimization experts at SEO Inc. will perform a thorough backlink analysis and audit your site’s backlink profile, trust flow, and citation flow. They’ll also identify any potentially harmful or unrelated links to your industry. By removing these bad backlinks from your site, your trust goes up and your visibility in the search engines.

To get started building an even healthier backlink profile, contact SEO Inc. today and speak with an SEO expert regarding our Backlink Enhancement services.

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