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Wordpress SEO

Supporting SEO keywords through search engine ranking is nearly impossible without optimized content. In the past, developers would stuff sites full of useless content. Now, it’s all about relevant content that makes sense to not only readers but search engines. Have trouble with creating content around your SEO keywords? Our blog development team can help you stay on track with keywords and purposeful content.

Staying on top of your website’s SEO is easy through implementing WordPress CMS. WordPress is one of the most prominent CMS systems out there, perfect for content creation. It also doesn’t require a dynamic background in HTML/CSS and other languages such as PHP. Additionally, there are dozen of plugins that make SEO optimization, development, and design trouble-free. WordPress CMS makes optimizing and controlling your business or agency effortless. WordPress SEO and content creation are some of many of our web development services.

Blogging Benefits for SEO

Blogging isn’t just simple content and top-tens lists, it’s one of the easiest and best ways to keep the content on your site updated regularly. Creating and maintaining a blog is essential and can maximizing your search engine optimization strategy in several ways:

  1. Enable “long-tail” keyword targeting
  2. Create supportive content for cross-linking to essential website pages
  3. Stimulate linking from other blogs and websites
  4. Act as the hub for your company’s social media
  5. Build your authority and reputation as a leader in your industry

WordPress Blog Development

Setting up blogs and being an active member within your industry can drive more traffic and, in turn, more sales. At SEO Inc, our experienced team offers a robust SEO strategy and blogging best practices. Over the past few years, we’ve set up blogs for businesses of all sizes. Our process of setting up a WordPress blog is quick and thorough so that you can post an SEO-friendly blog as soon as possible. We have this process down to a science, and we want to set up your WordPress blog today.

Blog Development Process

Our rapid development blog services can also include WordPress design. We can redesign or revamp your website’s existing design to implement a modified layout for blogs. With WordPress, we can purchase a pre-designed theme that can be edited to fit your brand. Here is our custom blog development process:

  1. Create a blog layout/wireframe.
  2. Design blog – while maintaining your company’s brand identity.
  3. Build out the blog with SEO best practices.
  4. Implement the best plug-ins.
  5. Attach the blog to your website.

Once the blog has been designed, our SEO consultant will review our blogging best practices and work with you to create an initial editorial schedule, including researching topics to get you started. Ready to collaborate with blog content? Contact us to start a conversation!

WordPress SEO

Frequently Asked Questions
Question FAQ

Why Should I use WordPress for my Website?

WordPress is the leading content management system on the web, powering over 30% of websites worldwide according to research. Why does this platform perform so well when it comes to choosing a CMS? WordPress is an effective and free CMS with a wide variety of features to design an impressive website. With WordPress, it’s simple to customize and create functional websites without any prior experience.

WordPress has unimaginable flexibility from blogs, creating a business website or managing an e-commerce store. It comes with an easy to navigate dashboard, where users can edit pages, post categories, and add plugins, custom themes and more. At SEO Inc, we always advise our clients to pick WordPress as their central CMS for their website. We’ll even provide services to migrate your site to WordPress, no matter your current CMS.

What WordPress Services do you provide?

At SEO Inc, we provide both WordPress blog and website management services. Whether you want to set up your company blog on WordPress or create a brand new website, we have you covered. As WordPress SEO experts, We have the knowledge you need to develop the perfect website or blog for your business.

WordPress Web Development:

Our web developers have expert experience with WordPress websites. Our team can work with you in migrating your current website to WordPress, or creating a new one from scratch. We’ll make recommendations with the design based on your vision, budget, and industry. Whatever the goals of your web presence – whether it be e-commerce, lead generation, or just loads of traffic – we have an expert team of web design and development who can make your expectations a reality. We’ll focus on optimizing your website to be SEO-friendly, making sure your plugins, meta titles, description, and additional elements are up-to-date.

WordPress Blogging:

Search engines love fresh content, and blogs are an excellent way to keep your website updated regularly. Setting up a blog for your industry can drive more traffic and sales. At SEO Inc, we have a team with skill and experience with WordPress blogs for websites of all sizes. We provide blog writing services and SEO services for WordPress so you can have your blogs professionally written and directly uploaded to your company’s blog. Whether you want to post weekly, bi-weekly, or five days a week, we’ll deliver fully optimized content with complete, relevant images. With your approval, we’ll take charge of posting directly to your WordPress blog.

Is WordPress Good for SEO?

The simple answer is yes. As the most popular content management systems out there, WordPress definitely has its benefits when it comes to SEO. WordPress plugins are a huge factor in making a website or blog SEO-Friendly. SEO focused plugins like Yoast enables users to easily enter meta titles, descriptions and more. Other plugins can be useful in optimizing image size, improving site speed and clearing cache. Search Engines, such as Google, prefer sites with superior site speed. By optimizing site speed, your company can achieve higher rankings on search engines. WordPress sites are designed to abide by search engine algorithms. At SEO Inc, we strongly believe that WordPress is the best platform, especially for SEO.

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