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Cure for Google Manual Action Penalty

Remediation for Google Manual Action Penalties: Unnatural Links

Maintaining a healthy link profile is crucial for the success of any website. Google Webmaster Tools provides valuable insights and notifications regarding the state of your website’s backlinks. If you have received a Google Manual Action Penalty due to unnatural links, it is imperative to address this issue promptly. This article outlines the steps to identify and rectify unnatural link penalties while offering insights into maintaining a healthy link profile.

Detecting Google Manual Action Penalties: To determine if your website has been penalized for unnatural links, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Google Webmaster Tools account.
  2. Navigate to the ‘Manual Actions’ tab to identify any penalties imposed on your website.
  3. Look for the yellow warning sign indicating ‘Unnatural links.’

If you find an unnatural links penalty, it is time to take immediate action to rectify the situation and restore your website’s credibility in the eyes of Google.

Recovering from Google Manual Action Penalties: Should your website be hit with a Google Manual Action Penalty for unnatural links, take the following steps to mitigate the issue and regain your website’s standing:

  1. Obtain a comprehensive backlink profile analysis: Click here for a backlink profile analysis for qualified sites. This will provide insights into the problematic links contributing to the penalty.
  2. Identify and remove low-quality backlinks: Once you have the backlink analysis, scrutinize the links and remove any that appear spammy or low-quality.
  3. Contact webmasters: Reach out to the webmasters of websites with unnatural links pointing to your site, requesting the removal of those links.
  4. Use Google’s Disavow Tool: If you cannot remove certain links, submit a disavow request through Google Webmaster Tools to have these links disregarded by Google’s algorithms.

Preventive Measures: To maintain a healthy link profile and avoid future penalties, consider the following best practices:

  1. Engage in ethical link building: Obtain high-quality, relevant links from authoritative websites.
  2. Monitor your backlink profile: Regularly review your backlink profile to ensure it remains healthy and free from harmful links.
  3. Avoid link schemes: Refrain from participating in link exchanges, buying or selling links, or engaging in other manipulative link-building practices.

Addressing and preventing Google Manual Action Penalties for unnatural links is essential to maintaining a healthy link profile and preserving your website’s credibility. By proactively monitoring and rectifying any issues, you can ensure that your website continues to rank well in search engine results pages (SERPs) and attracts high-quality, organic traffic.

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Link Detox and Backlink Removal

Google Manual Action Penalty:

If the answer is no, or if you’re unsure because you lost a lot of traffic and dropped search engine rankings. Contact us to check your backlink profile to determine if you have bad or irrelevant backlinks pointing to your site. Having a healthy backlink profile is paramount for the health of your website and how it ranks on Google and other search engines. If you’ve noticed your rankings drop off, it could be time for Link Detox or backlink removal SEO services.

More links used to equal higher rankings in the past, but when the search engine algorithms changed, so did backlinks. As a result, many sites dropped from the rankings due to manual or algorithmic penalties, severely hurting them and their business efforts and causing them to scramble to find out why. Link Detox must be part of an SEO service for a fully comprehensive strategy. Our SEO Company includes only the best and most effective tools, processes, and techniques to beat the competition.

Our Link Detox, Backlinks Removal process and Google Manual action elimination include:

It is critical to understand several issues: Google views this as, “You have spent money and taken time to get the links, now you are going to do the same to remove them.”

  • Extensive research into your backlinks profile
  • Through outreach to web admins hosting your link(s). We exhaust all possible avenues to get your links taken down
  • In the second analysis of all links, we’ve pinpointed a problem with links
  • Reconsideration request submission to Google
  • With this process complete, we handle all communications with Google, so you don’t have to, leaving you more time to focus on your business. Just think: When the Google webspam team accepts your Reconsideration Request, your rankings can improve, and you’ll need all your energy for that!

Link Detox by itself is a robust service to remove any harmful backlinks. We leave only the most authoritative links, allowing for more efficient link power, or “juice” consider looking into all of our SEO services. SEO is a giant puzzle, but if a few pieces are missing, the picture is incomplete, and you will not achieve higher viability.

Our expert link detox team currently boasts a 100% success rate in getting sites that have been dinged by Google back in the rankings via our intensive backlinks removal efforts. Our SEO Company includes only the best and most effective tools, strategies, and techniques to beat the competition.

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