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Do you have an online eCommerce business in need of a site overhaul? Are you looking to increase sales and give your customers a better experience overall? SEO Inc can build your company the perfect, responsive eCommerce functionality on your website. Our services are customized to your needs, keeping your business vision in mind.

Our eCommerce website development team will help get your online store up and running towards maximum ROI. Whether you have a few products to thousands, we can implement a dynamically optimized website design and development ideal for eCommerce. Our eCommerce website development projects ensure that your new website will not only be functional and aesthetic. We’ll also provide the capability to max out ROI on search engine optimization campaigns.

Our development experts keep track of eCommerce search engine optimization while building sites. At SEO Inc, we can design, develop, and deploy websites to support your search engine optimization campaign. Our strategies will make your web design, development, and eCommerce SEO-friendly to improve top rankings for your product keywords.

We can provide an easily functional eCommerce shopping site by utilizing W3C standards and perfected search engine optimization techniques. So not only will it be simple to maintain your shop, but you’ll also have a fully-functional, search engine optimized eCommerce website.


we are an extension of your search engine marketing and technical teams. 

With the help of SEO Inc.’s expert eCommerce website development team, we can equip your online storefront with a bespoke shopping cart designed to enhance the shopping experience for your customers and streamline backend processes for your business. With our custom shopping cart, you gain the ability to:

  1. Add Products: Seamlessly integrate new products into your online inventory. Our platform supports multiple product formats, including digital and physical goods, giving you the flexibility to diversify your offerings.

  2. Add Categories: Organize your products into distinct categories, allowing customers to navigate your catalog easily. This functionality supports unlimited categories and subcategories, ensuring scalability as your business grows.

  3. Take Orders: Simplify the checkout process and effectively manage your sales. Our custom cart integrates with various payment gateways, enabling secure and easy transactions.

  4. Check Orders: Monitor your sales with the help of an intuitive dashboard, providing real-time updates on order statuses. This feature also allows you to track customer behavior, highlight trends, and inform future sales strategies.

  5. Send Newsletters: Reach out to your customers with newsletters. Our system facilitates easy subscriber management and content creation, allowing you to engage your customers with personalized messages and updates.

  6. And much more: From inventory management to discount codes, our custom shopping cart has many features designed to optimize your eCommerce operations.

By choosing SEO Inc. for your eCommerce needs, you are investing in a solution that enhances the user experience for your customers and improves your operational efficiency.


SEO Inc. prides itself on our proficiency across various popular eCommerce platforms. Our experience extends to but is not limited to, Magento™, Shopify, WooCommerce, Ubercart, Joomla!®, BigCommerse, WordPress, and other Merchant Services.

Each of these platforms comes with its unique set of features, and we’re adept at leveraging these to enhance the functionality of your eCommerce site. Whether it’s the vast customizability of Magento, the user-friendliness of Shopify, the integration capabilities of WooCommerce, the feature-rich nature of Ubercart, the flexibility of Joomla!®, or the seamless transaction processing of Merchant Services, our team has the expertise to optimize the platform for your specific needs.

Our commitment to your success goes beyond the initial setup. We will be there with you every step of the way, providing ongoing management and maintenance to ensure the smooth operation of your eCommerce website. We firmly believe in transparency and measurable results – therefore, we also offer detailed ROI reports to showcase the effectiveness of our strategies.

Are you ready to enhance your eCommerce functionality and see tangible results? Invest in SEO Inc. for a service that understands your needs and delivers results that exceed expectations. Contact us today for a complimentary analysis of your eCommerce website.

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