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Agency Level Partnership Benefits via Google and SEO Inc
PPC Management
Is your business looking to start a new PPC campaign? Or maybe your current pay per click management company isn’t getting you the results; either way, SEO Inc. can help. Our highly qualified PPC Company and internal internet marketing team are trained to engage with your team to learn your goals, history, and seasonal trends. Our PPC Management Services are comprehensive and will bring results. In addition, SEO Inc has more than two decades of experience to help get you ahead by delivering comprehensive Google Ads Management services based on your needs. For years, we’ve maintained the thresholds required to continue our agency-level partnership with the major search engines (Google, Bing, and Facebook).

Agency-level pay per click partnerships means that all of our pay per click team members at our digital marketing agency complete multiple rigorous certification exams, providing us the ability to maintain high client retention and profitable client campaign growth with our PPC management services. In addition, these pay per click partnerships are stamps of approval from the major search engines that our PPC company, and digital marketing firm, SEO Inc. are highly qualified to manage your monthly Google Ad campaigns with our PPC management services. From pay per click shopping ads to comprehensive pay per click campaigns, SEO Inc. can help. To bring additional customers to your business or product, we can also create a PPC campaign for all PPC ads, such as Facebook ads or PPC ads for local websites and eCommerce platforms. We know that a PPC campaign is created to increase online traffic, revenue, and brand awareness, whether from Facebook or another advertising channel. Our customers know that SEO Inc is dedicated to improving traffic in all aspects of digital marketing, from developing your landing pages to executing high-quality campaigns. We also leverage our partnerships to pass on massive benefits to our customers, including:

  • Priority support: We work directly with a dedicated agency team to improve clicks and prevent problems with your campaign. Priority support means that we are equipped to solve the problem internally or reach out to our dedicated team if an issue arises.
  • Early access to new technologies: Google always comes out with new product betas to implement in our clients’ accounts. Getting these features first is a leg up on the competition that only partners like us have.
  • Strategy from the source: Working with our committed team, we receive additional plans and recommendations directly from the advertising team, improving deliverable services. If you want to succeed at Google AdWords, enhance clicks, and reduce the price per click, there’s nowhere better to turn than SEO Inc’s digital marketing services since we speak directly with Google on a near-daily basis!

Full-Service PPC Management Company

Not all PPC services, PPC management, or pay per click companies are equal. Some paid search agencies don’t cover many elements of critical pay per click components to maximize your results. Our digital marketing agency knows that our customers rely on our expertise in paid search to deliver AdWords management services to increase their clicks, revenue, and traffic. Unlike our digital marketing company, others may charge additional project fees for their PPC advertising services, whether shopping, display, re-targeting, re-marketing, data feed management, or managing other marketing channels, such as social media advertising. We pride ourselves on being a full-service PPC agency and digital marketing agency, and our paid search marketing services scope of work per project includes:

  • Total PPC Management, including Google Ads, Bing Ads, & Social Media
  • Keyword Analysis & Development
  • Targeted Ad Creation
  • Comprehensive Bidding Strategy & Budget Management
  • Landing Page & Conversion Rate Consultation
  • Competitive Intelligence Analysis
  • Campaign Structure Optimization
  • Ad Testing
  • Conversion & Call Tracking
  • Cost Per Lead (CPL) or Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) Analysis
  • Google Shopping Feed Management
  • Regular Meetings with a Dedicated PPC Manager
  • Detailed Monthly Reports

The only work not included in our online digital marketing agency development scope is web development and web design, which are not typically considered elements of PPC management or paid search campaigns. However, we can customize our contracts to accommodate your company’s click advertising needs with a customized strategy. Each campaign project can be comprehensive, from developing and designing your landing pages to a weekly or monthly checkup call. SEO Inc is your ideal one-stop solution for advertising on Google, Facebook, Ecommerce shopping ads, driving local clicks, and more. So get in touch with us! Call today for a quote on your campaigns project.

SEO Inc. Delivers Real Results

As a digital marketing and PPC management agency, we understand what our clients want to accomplish. Potential eCommerce or lead-gen clients looking for PPC management want leads, sales, traffic, and results for their eCommerce, lead-gen, or local business. Not only that, you want them to be profitable, bringing more money into the business given the amount spent on PPC advertising with a PPC agency and digital marketing agency. Paid search advertising management can be tricky, especially because you must pay money per click. This can lead to many advertising campaigns being unsuccessful because they use improper strategies to gain traffic via paid search, leading to excessive ad expenses and wasting money with few clicks. Given the price per click, it is easy to spend a lot of money without receiving many leads or sales. As an online digital agency with expertise in PPC management, we understand these obstacles entirely. Still, we are structured to deliver these results for your paid search account without any worry.

We follow our successful five-step plan for pay per click management:

  1. Monthly Goal Setting & Strategy Planning Services
  2. Monthly PPC Keyword Research & Analysis Services
  3. PPC Campaign Setup & Monthly Optimization Services
  4. Brand Landing Page Development, Landing Page Design & Conversion Rate Optimization Services
  5. Monthly PPC Management – Testing, Analysis, & Account Growth Services

Following this PPC management plan ensures that your PPC campaigns are profitable and grow with your business.

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