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Interested in our professional SEO services but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry; we’ll happily provide a comprehensive SEO website and analysis free of charge before offering a detailed SEO proposal. Search engines use various factors to determine site ranking for specific keywords. Google has thousands of ranking factors alone. In addition, hundreds of Google’s scoring signals are critical to your success in achieving top search engine placements. As a professional SEO agency, we’ll complete a detailed audit of your company to display strengths and weaknesses, along with comprehensive solutions. Our evaluating tools make it easy to determine the score of your website and how to improve to surpass your competition.

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Our detailed SEO audits go beyond analyzing essential elements. We base our audit and report on our SEO score using our SEO evaluator for a comprehensive, customized service. First, we must gain a basic understanding of your industry, primary keywords, and top competitors. A deep dive SEO Audit will help us provide you with the best SEO analysis service developed by Professional SEO consultants. Our SEO audits include all our proprietary and third-party tools returning your SEO score in each of the following areas:

  • Keyword analysis
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Website health and Web Core Vitals for Speed and User Experience
  • Link popularity
  • Trust and Citation Flow
  • General toxicity of your link profile
  • Social media
  • Any many other critical items necessary to create new record-breaking relevant traffic that equal new revenue streams

The primary ranking factors that we include in our SEO audits are the following:

SEO Audit of Website Code/Optimization

Most SEO best practices are based on a few simple code elements, but our SEO website analyzer tools look at a lot more than your meta tags. When most people think of “search engine optimization,” they think of how the code is set up and how code elements are used to build relevancy for keywords. Our SEO analysis report looks at your SEO audit for code elements that include:

  • Page titles
  • Meta tags
  • Headings tags
  • Robots.txt
  • Web Core Vitals Optimization
  • Section 508 / WVAG 2.0 AA accessibility attributes
  • Use of JavaScript and CSS
  • General code setup
  • Page speed
  • Deep understanding of complex programming, CMS, and load-balanced server evaluation.
  • Zombie Pages review and evaluation.
  • High-Level Training for Enterprise Teams. This service is optional based on our client’s needs. Training includes architecture, Web Core Vitals (Site Speed) content, and social media teams. Training requirements can be assessed at the time of our initial call.

More than ever, search engine algorithms place more importance on website text content. If a site wants to rank for specific keywords and phrases, it’s critical to have relevant, readable text content with those keywords or phrases. Our SEO analysis will ask two questions about your website content:

  • Quantity of content – do you have content to support your keywords?
  • Quality of content – does it effectively target keywords and convert users?

Assessment of Site Architecture

The structure of a website is critical to achieving search engine rankings for two reasons. 

First, it’s essential to make sure that pages and content are correctly indexed (crawled) by the search engine spiders.

Second, linking and how pages are linked together is critical in building relevancy for keywords. Our SEO tools will look at the following.

  • Canonicalization of URL
  • Existence of XML sitemaps and user sitemaps
  • Assessment of navigation
  • URL structure
  • Internal Linking
  • UI / UX issues
  • Conversion rate optimization issues (CRO)

Social Media Integration

SEO Inc. has always been a leading industry agency that recognizes our clients’ demand for presence and results. We not only provide professional SEO services but focus on additional online marketing efforts like social media. The growth and impact of social networking sites have plummeted, and search engines’ effect on building your social network is unquestionable. However, as social networking continues to grow, your site’s ability to achieve and maintain rankings continues to evolve. Our strategies ensure that social is a significant component of your professional SEO strategies. 

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