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Your Podcasts are Now Searchable in Google

FaceBookTweetLinkedInE Mail Podcasts are Now Discoverable in Google Google Podcasts now makes it possible to search for episodes based on what you discussed in your show. Google Podcast has recently begun automatically transcribing dialog in using it formatted data. This allows users to search for specific episodes even if they can’t remember the name of the Podcast. Transcripts are being logged as part of the page...
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2019 SEO Stats for YouTube & Video Marketing

FaceBookTweetLinkedInE Mail SEO Statistics for YouTube in 2019 If you’ve been putting off investing in video marketing as part of your overall digital marketing strategy, it’s time to get serious about it. In this post, we’ll look at various statistics about video marketing and YouTube to demonstrate why you cannot ignore video marketing if you want to be successful online today.YouTube, first established in 2005, and...
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SEO Inc Clutch 2019

SEO Inc. Selected for 2019 Clutch Report as a Top SEO Company

FaceBookTweetLinkedInE Mail SEO Inc 2019 Achieves Top SEO Company by Clutch. To be successful in the digital marketplace, any business needs an effective internet marketing strategy. Growing the online presence and customer network of our clients is the mission of SEO Inc. Our team of experts is well equipped to craft a unique service plan for each client. In order to increase web traffic to our...
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What was Google’s Medic Update? And what sites were affected?

FaceBookTweetLinkedInE Mail What was Google’s Medic Update? In August, Google released a significant core update, known as Google Medic, that affected SERP rankings. Many websites and blogs that were ranking on the first page lost their position, while many that were ranking much lower gained rank. The update was previously unnamed, but as it was focused on sites related to health, wellness, and medicine, Barry Schwartz...
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Voice Search Ranking

What are the Most Important Ranking Factors for Voice Search?

FaceBookTweetLinkedInE Mail What’s Important When it Comes to Voice Search? Digital marketers are all abuzz about voice search these days. It’s the newest hot topic in SEO, but many don’t understand what drives this form of search. More people than ever are using voice search to find the information they need on devices like smartphones and Google Home. It’s a convenient, hands-free way to search, but...
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