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Google Map Pack

How to Rank In Google Map Pack – Google My Business Guide For 2024.

Rank higher in Google’s Map Pack. How to Rank In Google Map Pack Claim your Business Profile Complete every section of your Google My Business accountBe meticulous with contact information.Make sure your NAP is up to date and correctCorrect your business hours of operation and holidaysSelect primary and secondary categories.Mark off applicable attributesWrite a complete “from the business” description.Publish Google posts weeklyUpload new photos weeklyAnswer...
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SEO Word Graph Common Misconceptions

SEO Misconceptions That Could Hurt Your Rankings

SEO Misconceptions That Could Hurt Your Rankings Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial for online visibility. However, misconceptions can undermine your efforts. Here are some common SEO misconceptions that could harm your rankings: 1. Keyword Stuffing Improves Rankings Many believe that cramming as many keywords as possible into their content will boost their rankings. This tactic, known as keyword stuffing, is penalized by search engines....
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Garry Grant CEO

Garry Grant – CEO Of SEO Inc. The Future Future Of SEO Podcast.

The Future Of SEO: In the latest episode of our podcast, we had the privilege of hosting Garry Grant, the CEO of SEO Inc., who shared his valuable insights on the revolutionary roles of artificial intelligence (AI) and quantum computing in search engine optimization (SEO). Despite the standard advice of producing great content for better ranking, many still struggle with achieving significant results. This blog...
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Character Count Guide to Blogs, Facebook Posts, and More

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone read your blogs, Facebook posts, and tweets? Or better yet—liked them and shared them, too? SEO Inc. knows a way to make your readers more likely to click. All you have to do is learn how long to write your blogs and social media posts. This article contains a handy character count guide to help make your blogs, tweets, and...
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People Also Ask | People Also Search For (PASF)

People Also Ask, And People Also Search For (PASF) The “People Also Ask” and “People Also Search For (PASF)” features are integral components of Google’s search engine results page (SERP), designed to enhance the user’s search experience by providing additional queries related to the initial search term. These features, often abbreviated as PASF, activate when a user returns to the SERP after clicking on a...
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