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Google algorithm updates

What is Google Broad Core Algorithm Update?

FaceBookTweetLinkedInE Mail All You Need to Know About Google Broad Core Algorithm Updates  Whenever Google announces a change to their ranking algorithm, it tends to strike panic in many website owners – especially those that don’t understand how the search engines work and what’s necessary for search engine optimization (SEO). By learning some of the most common terminologies, you can better prepare yourself for when these...
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How to use Google Analytics Event Tracking

What are Google Analytics Events?

FaceBookTweetLinkedInE Mail Google Analytics Events and how to create Events tracking. Google Analytics is a free tool that helps you see what’s going on with your web traffic. You can see how much time people are spending on each page, where they are getting referrals to your website from, and sometimes you can even see the keywords they used to find your site. But there’s an...
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link building image

How to Execute a Successful Link Building Campaign

FaceBookTweetLinkedInE Mail What is Link Building? Link building refers to the process of actively increasing the number of links to your website, generally because you’re trying to improve your search engine ranking, or spread the word about your business. It uses assets you create and host on your website to acquire the links – whether that’s an ebook, white paper, case study, infographic, or another helpful...
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optimizing images for google images

How to get found in Google Image Search

FaceBookTweetLinkedInE Mail How to get found in Google Image Search When most people think of image SEO, they’re only thinking about the alt tags. While those are important to SEO and accessibility, there’s much more work to do for image optimization to help you get more traffic. Here’s what you should be doing in addition to those alt tags. Name Your Images Appropriately Google says, “the...
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Quality Content -Laptop with the word Content

Technically Sound SEO Won’t Always Rank High

FaceBookTweetLinkedInE Mail Technically Sound SEO Won’t Always Rank High It’s one thing to have technically sound SEO – a well-optimized site that loads quickly has image SEO in place with alt tags, descriptions, and captions, a sitemap, etc. But, no matter how technically impressive your site is, that alone will not secure high rankings. When it comes to SEO, Quality content will always matter – and...
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