Why You Should Be Using 2 Step Verification

Account protection has always been a significant concern. But with the majority of our business being conducted online these days, compromises in internet security are even more threatening. You need to do everything you can to ensure your accounts are protected.

2 step verification is the topic of the third installment of Google’s #NoHacked campaign. Like previous installments, the post highlights a necessary security measure users can take advantage of.

We at SEO Inc. would like to go just a bit more in depth on this topic. We believe 2-factor authentication provides a valuable first defense against those who would do your accounts harm.

Why Use 2 Step Verification?

Google’s main reason for wanting users to support two-step authentication (2FA) is that the state of online security is always changing. Hackers and phishers are getting more and more “creative” when trying to steal your information, and the old security methods won’t suffice any longer. Strong passwords and security questions aren’t the ultimate security solutions they used to be.

Two-factor authentication has seen success in thwarting compromised accounts even when a password has been stolen. By requiring an additional source of verification before logging into your account, two-step verification makes it harder for those who have access to your password to get inside your accounts and do any real damage.

An image depicting the different levels of security involved in protecting an account. Outermost layer: your password; middle layer: 2 step verification; innermost layer: your account data.

(Source: Google)

What to Do If Two Factor Authentication is Not Offered

Two-factor authentication has been around for a while, but it’s still one of the most useful additional layers of protection you can get. All of Google’s accounts have a 2FA functionality that can be used via your phone, a hardware token, or the Google Authenticator app. So if you were fretting about not having two-factor authentication options, you’re covered.

However, not every platform or service offers two-factor authentication. Are you simply out of luck in protecting accounts that don’t have it?

Google’s solution—have those platforms use Google’s open source code to build their two-factor authentication software. At first, this seems like a convenient solution to get companies to use another of Google’s products to solve a common problem. However, Google is doing everyone a favor by offering such a primary security method that these companies should already have implemented.

So if you’re looking to disable 2 step verification Gmail, Apple, Yahoo!, or any other service, think about what you’re about to do. 2 step authentication may not be perfect, but it’s better than only relying on your password to protect your account. While it does not solve all the problems of today’s hacker-filled world, we believe that two-factor authentication is moving us in the right direction toward total online protection.

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