Top B2B Internet Marketing Company in California

SEO Inc. Receives Recognition As a Top B2B Company in California

Businesses thrive when they have a steady stream of income. That’s where SEO Inc. comes in! While boosting your visibility, we also make sure that we raise your returns. Because in the end, profit is still important to keep things going. Internet Marketing is who we are; generating revenue for our clients is what we do!

Whether it’s SEO, social media, mobile tech, or web design we go to great lengths to provide a well-structured plan for you. Establishing your identity is our prime concern, and we do it all with our excellent technical innovation solutions.

With our passion for digital marketing campaigns, we are ranked as a top advertising and marketing firm, among the best in California!

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Who and What is Clutch?

Clutch is a global ratings and reviews platform that connects buyers with service providers across a wide range of services. Clutch analysts combine verified client reviews and latest industry data to rank companies on their ability to deliver.

We are surely doing things right with plenty of customers expressing their positive feedback. Here’s a sneak peek: 

“We have been truly impressed with how attentive and fast to respond they are.”
Serena Scheide, Owner of ASL Reviews

“They are hard-working, knowledgeable, and highly responsive.”
Rick Swartzburg, VP of Product & Business Development of Snuggle Pedic

“It has been the best money I’ve spent so far on my business.”
Michael Powers, Owner of Power Chambers

Our rave client reviews also helped us achieve a total of 4.7-star rating on our Clutch profile!


We truly appreciate you all for trusting us with your projects and as a way of saying our gratitude, here’s what our CEO wants to share with you:

“We continually strive to deliver award-winning results for our clients. We have been creating revenue-generating strategies for over 24+ years. Getting the Clutch award solidifies us as one of the top SEO Companies in the US.”
Garry Grant, CEO of SEO Inc.

We can’t wait to showcase more of our skills to our future clients. If you’re interested to hear more about our services, reach out to us today and we can discuss what we can do for your project!

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