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Google is one of the biggest names in the search engine world. Building your company’s content for Google is an important aspect of SEO. In addition, Google’s advertising platform, AdWords plays a large role in the marketing world. Learn all about the various benefits of Google Services and how to keep your content up to par with Google’s algorithm.

What is Google Discovery, and How Do I Get My Content in Google Feeds? Google Discovery ads are visually engaging, personalized ads that appear in Google’s feeds on the YouTube app, the Google app, and the Gmail app. They are meant to reach audiences in the moments when they’re ready to discover new products and services....
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SEO Inc PageSpeed Insights
As we all know, Google’s goal is to return the best results possible for any given search query. It comprises hundreds of signals, including core on-page ranking factors such as keywords in title tags and Meta descriptions, links, content, the website’s load speed, and more.   Over time, Google has released numerous updates to their ranking...
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Google has announced the debut of their newest Search Console URL Inspection API. The search company reports that SEO experts will analyze URLs in masse, automate page debugging, and improve page load time. The Jan 31st launch is excellent news for SEOs and web developers who can benefit from faster URL inspection efficiency. On their...
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PAA- People Always Ask
People Also Search For (PASF) is an SEO Strategy for 2022 and beyond. As Google continues to add variety and make the search engine results pages (SERP) increasingly dynamic, business owners and search engine optimization (SEO) professionals alike can quickly become overwhelmed. Although it may not seem like it at first glance, these changes present...
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Google Has Removed Star Ratings From Certain Schema Types For a while now, local businesses have been able to increase their average star ratings from reviews about their businesses to their organic search results with review schema markup on their websites but Google is changing all of that. Last month, Google announced on their webmasters’...
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Web Core Vitals
The Core Web vitals started on June 5th with a full rollout in August. With 87% of eCommerce Websites, FAILING Googles Core Web Vitals now is the time to set this as a top priority for your development team or your current SEO Company. Passing Page Experience with good scores is challenging. Our Technical expertise...
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Google Ads Feature Image
Pay per click advertising can deliver tremendous results if used properly. With Google being the number one site on the internet, they have a ton of traffic available and clicks to be driven, being that they are a search engine with people looking for places to visit or products to purchase. At SEO Inc we...
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Page Experience
What is Page Experience: Page Experience is an SEO-specific term for a new metric being rolled out in 2021 by Google to measure the usability of a website, from a public perspective. It focuses on the user experience and how to optimize it. Major search engines are constantly updating algorithms for ranking websites based on...
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Core Web Vitals is a new 2020 metric that has been rolled out and it’s based on Site Speed and UX or user experience. Most webmasters don’t take into account the load time, latency, and speed of a web site during the design and wireframes buildout. Site speed is a factor and becoming broader in...
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We all know how fast page loads can affect the retention of users and decrease the bounce rate, but what can you do about it? Well, one of the most effective solutions there is out there is to make an AMP (accelerated mobile page) version of each page on your site. AMP works especially well...
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