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Pay Per Click Advertising, also known as paid search is essential when it comes to advertising in the digital world. If your PPC campaigns aren’t optimized correctly, you could lose out on money and potential audiences. Keep up with PPC changes and the latest news. Read about PPC strategies,  tips and tricks and how to stay cost-effective.

COVID 19 Recovery
In this article, we will discuss our view on the coronavirus pandemic, how to help your business weather the storm, and how to plan for recovery once the crisis is over. Review our Internet Marketing Services to get a plan for your business recovery! What is SEO Inc’s View On The Corona Virus Pandemic? As...
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Adwords In Scrabble Tiles
  Start by looking at a Display campaign, and then go to the Audiences page. From here, you’ll need to either create a new ad group or campaign or assign an existing one. Then, choose “Target” and select “Intent.” At this point, you can choose to create the auto-generated custom intent audiences, which Google will...
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Following our highly successful SEO webinar on the Top 7 Ranking Factors in 2015, our friends at Convirza invited us for another session. We’ve covered SEO plenty this year, so it was only natural to take our next webinar in a slightly different direction: WHAT: 7 MUST-HAVE Elements of a Successful PPC Campaign WHEN: You...
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PPC, like SEO, is an ever-changing beast. It isn’t content to just sit there; effective PPC management for campaigns of all sizes requires constant care and maintenance. For those who live and breathe pay-per-click, like us, we’re always looking for opportunities to reinforce what we know, as well as to learn the most emerging trends...
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Running a PPC Marketing campaign may seem as easy has turning on an off your pay-per-click ads like it’s no big deal.  There is actually a great deal more that goes into the fine art of PPC Management .  If you don’t understand the impact research can have on your campaign, or what exactly a keyword...
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10 PPC Management Tips to a Better Landing Page Let’s talk landing pages. Landing pages are the first impression potential clients and customers get of a business when they click through from paid media / PPC search engine results. Given it’s the introduction of your brand to new customers, and you only have one chance...
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Cyber Monday, Singles’ Day and Double Online Retail Holidays This year Cyber Monday saw US sales of $2.29 Billion, making it the largest shopping day in the US. However China has its own version which is actually bigger than Cyber Monday. In China, November 11th is Singles’ Day, named after 11/11 which consists of 4...
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Your Guide to Online Retaling on Black Friday and Cyber Monday Around the office we have been making plans to adjust client Pay Per Click spend for the upcoming holiday season, and specifically for Black Friday & Cyber Monday. Knowing that 83% of consumers will buy holiday gifts online this year (Accenture), I decided to...
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SEO Inc Recieves Google Partner At SEO Inc., we pride ourselves on providing the best level of service for our clients. From our talented web developers to our creative content writers, we have a team that is genuinely dedicated to giving our clients the best service possible in the world of SEO. Now, we’ve upped...
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Bing Ads Accredited Professional SEO Inc SEO Inc., a full-service Internet Marketing and search engine optimization agency, is proud to announce Bing Ads Accredited Professional status. Adding Bing Ads Accreditation to our list of certifications and honors is the latest in our efforts to be the leader in the search engine optimization industry. Though SEO’s...
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