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SEO is increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results. Our SEO category has information regarding optimization and the latest trends to help grow your SEO knowledge and increase your visibility.

Site Speed and Loss of revenue

7 Image Optimization Tips to Improve Your SEO

Website speed is a ranking factor crucial to the user experience and your bottom line. Research shows that for every second delay in your website loading, you see a 7% decrease in conversion rate. If you earn $100,000 a day, that adds up to $2.5 million a year! Images are often a culprit of slow...
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Forgetting to Upload Your Disavow File

Uh oh. Of all the mistakes to make when moving your site from insecure HTTP to secure HTTPS, forgetting to upload your disavow file is one of the biggest. Why’s that, exactly? Well, if you forget to upload you’re disavowing file to the new HTTPS site, all those bad links you already disavowed will transfer...
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Organic Click through Rate

11 Easy Ways to Increase Your Organic Click Through [Infographic]

Compared to conversions, click-through rates (CTR) don’t seem nearly as important. Clicks don’t make you any money—at least, not directly. However, if customers don’t click, they can’t convert. So click-through ends up being essential to your overall business. No clicks = no conversions. If you haven’t been focusing on getting people to click, it’s time...
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The Top 8 SEO Trends to Watch in 2019

Every year, significant changes seem to shake the SEO industry to its foundations. 2016 was no different—we saw rising trends that changed how we do SEO throughout the year. Improving the user experience was a hot topic all year long, as was mobile-friendliness. And who can forget the ever-enduring regal status of content? With 2017...
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Page Speed Insights Perfect 100

How To Fix SEO Issues That Can Hurt Your Rankings

In the competitive online landscape, having a solid understanding of SEO is essential for success. However, if your website contains any of the mistakes outlined in this list, you may inadvertently be undermining your efforts. Targeting the Wrong Keywords One critical mistake is targeting the wrong keywords. Merely identifying keywords and assessing their competition is...
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What is the Fastest Way to Deindex Pages on Google?

The fastest way to remove a page from Google’s index is with the URL removal tool through Google Search Console. But the device isn’t an efficient solution if you deal with a more significant site with many URLs. In these cases, John Mueller recommends keeping the URLs you’d like to deindex in your XML sitemap with...
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How to Increase Page Speed?

While there are many aspects to speeding up pages, here are four key things to look at to improve page load time. Web Site Speed is critical now in 2020 but will be mandatory in 2021 with the release and requirements for Core Web Vitals. Our SEO Company has always been on the cutting edge...
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5 Reasons Your SEO Efforts Aren’t Producing a Good ROI

Why aren’t Your SEO Efforts Producing ROI Search engine optimization is a good investment for most companies because it brings in a steady stream of leads that convert to clients when done correctly and well. It works for you 24/7, whereas PPC advertising stops working the second you stop paying for it. But, a lot...
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Technically Sound SEO Won’t Always Rank High

Technically Sound SEO Won’t Always Rank High It’s one thing to have technically sound SEO – a well-optimized site that loads quickly has image SEO with alt tags, descriptions, captions, a sitemap, etc. But, no matter how technically impressive your site is, that alone will not secure high rankings. When it comes to SEO, Quality...
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Voice Search

Adjusting Your SEO Strategy for Voice Search

Wen you think back to the early days of voice recognition software, it’s hard not to laugh and imagine mad gabs. I know you mean to say, “He’s a lady’s man.” But the voice recognition software heard, “easel and ease man.” I know people who spent hours reading to their computers to train their software...
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