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Is your business considering launching a new PPC campaign, or are you struggling to achieve the desired results with your current pay-per-click management company? SEO Inc. is here to help. Our highly skilled PPC team and internal internet marketing experts collaborate with your organization to understand your goals, history, and seasonal trends.

Our comprehensive PPC Management Services are designed to deliver tangible outcomes, backed by over two decades of experience in providing tailored Google Ads Management services to meet your unique requirements. We have consistently maintained agency-level partnerships with major search engines, including Google, Bing, and Facebook.

Our agency-level pay-per-click partnerships ensure that all our SEO Agency, SEO Inc. team members undergo rigorous certification exams. This enables us to maintain high client retention and profitable campaign growth with our PPC management services. These partnerships also serve as endorsements from major search engines, confirming that SEO Inc. is highly qualified to manage your monthly Google Ad campaigns.

From pay-per-click shopping ads to all-encompassing campaigns, we’ve got you covered. To attract more customers to your business or product, we can develop a PPC campaign tailored to various advertising channels, such as Facebook ads, local websites, and eCommerce platforms.

At SEO Inc., we understand that PPC campaigns are designed to boost online traffic, revenue, and brand awareness. We are committed to enhancing traffic across all aspects of digital marketing, from developing landing pages to executing high-quality campaigns. Our partnerships enable us to offer substantial benefits to our clients, including:

  1. Priority support: We collaborate directly with a dedicated agency team to optimize clicks and troubleshoot campaign issues. This support ensures we can efficiently resolve problems in-house or liaise with our dedicated team when necessary.
  2. Early access to new technologies: We can implement new product betas from Google in our clients’ accounts, providing a competitive advantage that is available only to partners like us.
  3. Strategy from the source: By working with our dedicated Google team, we receive additional plans and recommendations straight from the advertising team, enhancing our services.

If you seek to excel at Google AdWords, increase clicks, and reduce cost per click, look no further than SEO Inc.’s digital marketing services. With daily communication with Google, we are your best choice for success.

Full-Service PPC Management Company

Experience the Difference with Superior PPC Management Services

Not all PPC management services or pay-per-click companies are created equal. Many paid search agencies overlook essential aspects of PPC components required to maximize your results. At our digital marketing agency, we understand that our clients depend on our expertise in paid search to deliver top-notch Google AdWords management services to boost their clicks, revenue, and traffic.

Social Media

While other digital marketing companies may charge extra for their PPC advertising services, including shopping, display, re-targeting, re-marketing, data feed management, or managing other marketing channels like social media advertising, we pride ourselves on being a comprehensive PPC agency and digital marketing agency.

Our scope of work per project for paid search marketing services includes the following:

  • Comprehensive PPC Management, including Google Ads, Bing Ads, & Social Media
  • Keyword Analysis & Development
  • Targeted Ad Creation
  • Strategic Bidding & Budget Management
  • Landing Page & Conversion Rate Consultation
  • Competitive Intelligence Analysis
  • Campaign Structure Optimization
  • Ad Testing
  • Conversion & Call Tracking
  • Cost Per Lead (CPL) or Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) Analysis
  • Google Shopping Feed Management
  • Regular Meetings with a Dedicated PPC Manager
  • Detailed Monthly Reports
  • NEW in 2023: AI (Machine Learning) for Paid Ad Copy

Our online PPC Management agency’s development scope excludes web development and web design, as these are not typically considered elements of PPC management or paid search campaigns. However, we can tailor our contracts with a customized strategy to your company’s click advertising needs. Each campaign project can be comprehensive, from developing and designing your landing pages to weekly or monthly check-up calls. SEO Inc. is your ideal one-stop solution for advertising on Google and Facebook, e-commerce shopping ads, driving local clicks, and more. Contact us today for a quote on your campaign project.

Our Commitment to Your Success:

Homepage GraphicImprove Quality Score:
Our PPC and AdWords management teams work to ensure better ad positions, lower costs per click, and increased conversions by optimizing your Quality Score.

Lower Cost per Acquisition:
We help you achieve better results for less, enabling you to reinvest that money into your business and potentially acquire even more customers at no additional cost.

Increase Leads & Conversions:
We’ll take over your PPC management, boost your leads, and review your landing pages to suggest ways to improve conversions from your Google Ads.

Increase Return on Investment:
We’ll create a customized strategy to ensure your campaign runs smoothly while helping you reach your business or advertising goals.

Our Comprehensive Approach:

  • Client-Centric Services: We work closely with you to optimize your budget and campaigns for the best possible ROI.
  • Proactive PPC management: We monitor your campaigns, provide regular updates, and are always ready to address any issues.
  • Dedicated Account Manager: Each client receives a dedicated manager who provides weekly updates, responds to questions within 24 hours, and attends weekly or monthly meetings.
  • Motivated Teams: Our experienced team members are passionate and highly skilled professionals with at least five years of hands-on knowledge.

The SEO Inc Difference in Paid Search Management: Discover the Premier PPC Management Agency Built on Five Critical Pillars

To become the #1 choice for businesses seeking professional PPC management and rank on top of Google search results, our PPC program is founded on five essential pillars:

  1. Client Ownership of PPC Accounts:
    Your PPC account is valuable, and you deserve to retain ownership. We ensure that the ads we create and optimize on your behalf remain yours, irrespective of who manages your PPC campaign.

  2. Actionable and Clear Reporting: We prioritize delivering actionable insights for your business’s growth and expansion. Our team avoids confusing technical jargon and focuses on explaining the nuances of our strategies, including machine learning and AI applications from Google and Bing, through effective collaboration with your team.

  3. No Complex Contractual Obligations:  Our PPC campaigns emphasize simplicity and flexibility. We are dedicated to providing exceptional service to our clients without locking them into lengthy, restrictive contracts. Our unwavering commitment to excellence ensures you receive the best possible results, free from complicated obligations.

  4. No Autopilot Management: We actively monitor your campaigns’ performance daily and weekly, ensuring they reach their maximum potential. Our hands-on approach guarantees that your campaigns are continuously optimized and aligned with your business goals.

By embracing these five critical pillars, our PPC management agency aims to provide unparalleled service and results that will propel your business to the top of Google search rankings. Trust in our expertise to deliver a tailored, professional PPC management experience that will drive your business’s success.

SEO Inc. PPC Management Services Delivers Real Results

PPC Management Agency

As a leading digital marketing and PPC Management Agency, we understand our clients’ objectives: eCommerce, lead-gen, or local businesses seeking effective PPC management. They desire increased leads, sales, traffic, and results while maintaining their PPC advertising investment profitability.

Navigating paid search advertising management can be challenging, as each click has a cost. Inadequate strategies often result in unsuccessful campaigns, excessive ad expenses, and wasted money with minimal clicks. As an experienced online digital agency specializing in PPC management, we fully recognize these hurdles and are designed to deliver outstanding results for your paid search account without any concerns.

Our proven five-step approach to ppc management includes the following:

  1. Monthly Goal Setting & Strategy Planning Services
  2. Monthly PPC Keyword Research & Analysis Services
  3. PPC Campaign Setup & Monthly Optimization Services
  4. Brand Landing Page Development, Landing Page Design & Conversion Rate Optimization Services
  5. Monthly PPC Management – Testing, Analysis, & Account Growth Services

Adhering to this comprehensive PPC management plan ensures that your PPC campaigns are profitable and evolve alongside your growing business.

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