Nov 17

Twitter Launches Analytics Product, Twitter Analytics

One of the major drawbacks to Twitter has been the lack of analytics. It is really a pain to manually aggregate information from Twitter and import it into a format that is aesthetically pleasing enough to present to the head of marketing, anyone in social media marketing knows this. Well soon, Twitter will be offering analytics, and it’s about time…

This is the type of analytic information Twitter provided before, finally, they are taking it up a notch.

This is the type of analytic information Twitter provided before, finally, they are taking it up a notch.

Twitter analytics will track how many mentions, follows, unfollows, favorites, ReTweets and @replies your Twitter account gets within a given time frame. As of right now it appears the platform will be geared towards Promoted Tweets, the ones that Twitter makes you pay for. Figures, right?

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Nov 15

Why Global Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing Matter

Often times when engaged in search engine optimization and social media marketing for our websites we overlook an important fact, that being, not everyone in the world speaks English. This has become increasingly more apparent as of late. Not only have we been working with many of our clients on translation based projects, but statistics and commentary supporting multi-lingual SEO and social media marketing have been rapidly expanding.

While we can always ask Google to translate our pages for us, there is still clear value to creating sites that are optimized for the language of our customer base

While we can always ask Google to translate our pages for us, there is still clear value to creating sites that are optimized for the language of our customer base


Today I read a post by Christian Arno, founder of Lingo24, a global translation company. Arno had some very interesting things to say, here are a few of his points:

  • Consumers are more than 5 times more likely to buy from a site in their native language.
  • In the last ten years, the use of Arabic online has increased by over 2500%, while Chinese and Spanish rose twelve and seven-fold respectively. And English? It didn’t even triple.
  • Today, 42% of all Internet users are in Asia, while almost a quarter are in Europe and just over 10% are in Latin America. These stats shouldn’t sway businesses towards targeting one region over another, though — Latin American countries account for over 200 million people on the web.

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Nov 12

What is Google Brand Boost?

Google Brand Boost is a new addition to Google search results. Why Google decided to do this is questionable. But before we get into all that, let me show you what it is. Take a look at the photo below.

google brand boostSo as you can see, certain brands and stores are called out at the top of the search rankings. This coincides with the brands featured in the Google wonder wheel tool.

Almost doesn’t seem fair, right? Why would Google allow certain brands to appear at the top of queries for certain highly trafficked keywords? Apparently, the idea is that it will allow consumers to distinguish the credible brands over the less established brands. My question would be, who made them the judge of a businesses worth.

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Nov 12

How to Fight Web Spam to Support SEO

As the Internet becomes increasingly complex, and search engine rankings grow in their importance to online business vitality, the implications of web spam become all the more clear. The issue is, the better your rankings are for highly trafficked keywords, the greater your chance of being attacked by a web spammer, or set up for crime you didn’t commit.


Is your website showing symptoms of web spam attacks?

What is Web Spam
First, what is web spam? Well, there are quite a few different kinds actually, however, for the purpose of this blog we are talking about spamdexing. Spamdexing, also known as search spam, search engine spam or web spam, involves spam that relates directly to the search engines. There are tons of online practices that search engines recognize as spam, keyword stuffing, hidden text, paid links, etc.

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Nov 11

Ping, Apple’s Social Network for Music Integrates with Twitter

Seems like there is a social network for everything now-a-day, which is actually a good thing. The cool sites will live, the bad sites will die, and eventually, we’ll be stuck with tons of online social entertainment.

Ping, Apple’s social network for music, was launched on September 1, 2010. As of today, Ping now integrates seamlessly with Twitter. This was a brilliant move by Apple. But to fully understand this move you need to know what Ping is and its background.


According to Apple CEO Steve Jobs, Ping is the Facebook or Twitter for music, watch out MySpace, right? The social media website allows you to follow other users and musicians. The benefit? Users can see what other users and musicians have downloaded and like. In addition, it gives you insight into concerts and live events.

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Nov 09

SEO Inc. Announces ad:tech Winner!

At ad:tech New York, 2010, SEO Inc. asked attendees to engage in a special social media campaign we created especially for the event. SEO Inc. asked ad:tech attendees to like the SEO Inc. Facebook page, and to post a code to the page, attendees received the code in a special flier SEO Inc. created for the show.

In this video, SEO Inc. Dir of SEO Consulting & Social pulls one of the codes at random! Watch the video to see if you won!

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