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Mobile Search has evolved over the past years and searches engines have adjusted around mobile device search. Here are some popular tips, tricks, and news to keep you updated with the latest mobile search features and trends.

Accelerated Mobile Pages are coming this month. AMP will be a key player in providing the web with faster load times, meaning better user experiences for everyone. Google just had a Hangout that included a 15-minute breakdown all about AMP. They’ve also started sending suggestions through Search Console to hop on board before AMP officially launches. To...
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AMP Pages
If you’ve spent any time in online marketing or SEO, you know the landscape is continually changing. To keep up with technology, you have to research and learn to stay ahead of the curve. Last year, Google announced the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project, poised to change the mobile web experience. That was October. Now...
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Google voice search is simply a matter of speaking the search query rather than the slower process of having to type it. Voice search has gained popularity on mobile devices since typing on a tiny phone screen is somewhat tricky and far less accurate compared to using a computer keyboard. It’s a matter of convenience, and...
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Mobile Ads
Audit of the Largest Mobile Sites There is nothing worse than having a client struggle to purchase via their mobile app. Perhaps the app or page loads too slow, it takes too long to find what they are looking for, maybe they can’t find what they are looking for, and perhaps the checkout process is...
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Google Mobile first image
UPDATE: Things happen quickly on the internet for sure, I had been predicting this since the first announcement that Google had to implement AI aka Rank Brain (why would they call it rank brain if it wasn’t going to be used as their new algorithm). So here is some info on the shift to AI....
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Voice Search
Wen you think back to the early days of voice recognition software, it’s hard not to laugh and imagine mad gabs. I know you mean to say, “He’s a lady’s man.” But the voice recognition software heard, “easel and ease man.” I know people who spent hours reading to their computers to train their software...
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Google logo
With Google placing a greater emphasis on AMP pages, more users are attempting to “AMPlify” their pages. As a result, Google recently shared two helpful guides to help users successfully implement their accelerated mobile pages. Google’s first guide shows how users can use Google Search Console to check up on your AMP pages. Google stresses...
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“Mobile May” is upon us. The Google mobile friendly update that was planned to launch this month is finally here. If you’ve seen some movement to your mobile rankings over the last day or so, there’s a good chance you’ve been affected. The update was confirmed by John Mueller on Twitter, who stated yesterday that the update was...
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Google Mobile Friendly Labels in Search Results Google is on a mission to make the web the most transparent place in the entire world. From algorithm updates to keep sites honest, to content guidelines to keep sites user-friendly, the search engine giant sleeps little to ensure we’re all paying by “the rules.*” (*”The Rules” we...
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Google’s New Googlebot User-Agent Effective Crawling on Smartphone Content Google announced via Google Webmaster Central Blog that the old user-agent “Googlebot-Mobile” mobile-specific crawler will be retired in the next 3 – 4 weeks. “Googlebot-Mobile” user-agents have been tested since 2011 to improve the mobile search experience for feature phone and smartphone users. According to Zhijian He,...
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