Google’s mobile-first world is here. So how to you get you ranked.

Google recently stated they would split the mobile index from the desktop one. What’s more, the mobile index will become Google’s primary index. This means mobile users will get Google’s freshest, most up-to-date search results. Desktop won’t be left entirely out, but desktop results no longer align with Google’s primary focus.

You can bet the top mobile results will be populated with mobile-friendly sites. Can you count your site among them?

We at SEO Inc. agree with Google—having a mobile-friendly site is a top priority for anyone who does business online. We provide mobile optimization services to deliver your website to the people that matter most to you—users who find your site in the instant they think of the thing you’re selling.

Whether you have an e-commerce site or just a page with 1000+ blog posts, your website needs to be mobile-friendly.

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Why Mobile-Friendly is Still Really, Really Important

Mobile-friendliness was a must-have in 2016. This trend will no doubt continue in 2017. Just in case you need a reminder, these are all the reasons we can come up with why mobile-friendly is something you need for your site:

  • Nearly 60% of all Google searches are on mobile devices.
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages bring content more quickly to users.
  • Google is making it easier than ever for users to contact businesses via mobile.
  • Mobile websites perform faster, leading to more revenue.
  • Google has revamped its mobile advertising to better appeal to users.
  • “Mobilegeddon” prioritized mobile-friendly sites over unfriendly mobile sites.

We could go on, but you get the idea.

Mobile users are sitting at the forefront of technology and consumerism. Their smartphones and other mobile devices allow them to look up anything, anywhere, anytime. This expectation means your site needs to give them what they’re looking for, or you will lose them to your competitors.

Want to avoid that? Of course, you do. Here’s how.

Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly NOW

As a finalist for SEO Agency of the Year, we are dedicated to helping users obtain the SEO services they need to succeed. Chief among these is Mobile Optimization, which offers a better user experience to your customers—while bringing you higher rankings and more business.

Here’s our email. It’s already filled out a sweet subject line for you, so all you have to do is tell us how to reach you and hit “send.” Or if you like, you can call us at 877-736-0006. Whichever you prefer, do it.

You need to make your site mobile-friendly, and you need to do it today.

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