Google Now Testing Click-to-Call Numbers in Organic Mobile Search Results

Google is always testing new features. It’s part of their unending crusade to help users find what they’re looking for quickly, safely, and accurately. Because of this, many of their latest updates have been mobile optimization efforts.  SEO Inc is an seo company that is on the forefront of any new Google algorithm changes and immediately incorporates them into our seo services.  Our up to date methodologies and campaign strategies get results quickly and efficiently.

Google is now testing click-to-call phone numbers in organic mobile search results. The numbers appear next a phone icon directly under the page description. Users can now click directly on the tab/number to get in touch with the business they’ve found.

We’ve seen proof of this for one of our own clients. Here’s a screenshot:

Click-to-call phone numbers have begun showing up in organic search results.

As you can see, our client’s phone number occupies its own box. It’s not an extension of the Contact Us page, nor is it showing up as part of the meta description. It’s a click-to-call number with only one function: getting the user in touch with a business.

“Haven’t we seen click-to-call phone numbers in the search results before?”

Yes, indeed. We have seen business phone numbers appear before, both in ads and local. On the ads side, Google offers a staggering array of features for adding phone numbers to AdWords ads. For local, Google includes business phone numbers so nearby users can find business closest to them, like the nearest restaurant or auto service center.

The first reports of Google click-to-call in organic search began around the end of February/first week of March. As the news began to spread, we and the rest of the SEO world began to realize the implications of having a business’s contact info appear in organic.

Click-to-call numbers showing in mobile organic SERPs could lead to increased conversions for businesses.

The Impact of Mobile Organic Phone Numbers

Phone numbers displaying in organic search results suggests several things.

Not every search result is displaying a phone number. We aren’t sure what the criteria is for Google’s algorithms to display the numbers, and we may never find out. It’s possible Google will test this for a time and then end up scrapping it altogether. For the meantime, however…

Businesses that show the number on mobile organic search results can have a significant impact on conversion rates. In theory, it’s better for users to see a business phone number right on the search results page rather than being taken to another page and having to search for it again. The fewer steps users are presented with, the sooner they can find what they’re looking for. And the sooner you can make a sale.

Putting the number right on the SERPs is a move against what Google implemented with the local three pack, where users had to click on a search result to find out the business’s number.

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