BREAKING NEWS: Google Will Split Mobile and Desktop Search Results

Gary Illyes stated at Pubcon last week that Google will soon divide its search results between mobile and desktop. The change will occur “within months.” Once released, the two indexes will no longer show the same results. The new, separate Mobile Index will become Google’s primary index.

Splitting mobile and desktop indexes will allow Google to deliver the most up-to-date, freshest content to users when they need it most—on mobile.

Within months, Google will split the mobile and desktop search results.

Google Continues the Push for Mobile

Just a year ago, mobile search surpassed desktop search for the first time. Google has continued to push mobile with many efforts, including the release and support of Accelerated Mobile Pages, as well as a mobile update in May that boosted the effects of Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm. As of a few months ago, Google stated they believe that the time for the “mobile first” world has already begun.

Illyes and Google first introduced the idea of a Mobile and Desktop split at last year’s SMX.

Google has not revealed any more information about the upcoming split, such as how out of date the desktop version will be compared to the Mobile Index. No timeline as to when the change would occur was given, other than the “months” comment from Illyes.

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