Infographics in SEO is an effective technique to gain traffic and build your company’s authority. Infographics are increasingly used online for the purpose of sharing information and link-building.

Check out our infographics on the latest SEO, PPC, and Social Media news.

Hash Tags

Using Hashtags to Increase Your Online Presence

Infographic Friday: Hashtags and Online Presence Whether loved, hated, or deemed acceptable, hashtags have evolved from a seemingly innocuous way to tag Tweets into one of the most potent tools for tracking social media conversations and amplifying the reach of businesses, products, messages, and more. While hashtags can be employed in any online conversation or...
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Eye Movement Tracking:

Eye Movement Tracking: Vital Lesson in Optimizing Content for Site Visitors: Eye movement tracking for a website, commonly referred to as “web eye tracking,” involves using eye-tracking technology to analyze how a user looks at a website. This includes understanding where they focus their attention, the sequence of their gaze across the web page, how...
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