Social Media Optimization


Social Media Optimization

People like to connect; that’s what makes social media networks so appealing. And once they’ve joined, people love to share what they discover. If you want people to see your brand, you must engage with them on social networks. Optimizing your business for social media is incredibly important for generating traffic through social media search engines. Learn more about the benefits of Social Media Optimization.

Hash Tags

Using Hashtags to Increase Your Online Presence

Infographic Friday: Hashtags and Online Presence Whether loved, hated, or deemed acceptable, hashtags have evolved from a seemingly innocuous way to tag Tweets into one of the most potent tools for tracking social media conversations and amplifying the reach of businesses, products, messages, and more. While hashtags can be employed in any online conversation or...
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Social Media Tips: Being Visual When Your Product Isn’t

Not all products are created equal in the eyes of social media. Some companies have it easy. Take a bakery, for example. They can snap a picture of a cupcake with some sprinkles, throw a filter on it, and boom: Instagram gold. While that is all good for them, what about companies with a great...
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11 Types of Social Proof to Use on Your Website

What is Social Proof? Social proof is “a psychological phenomenon where people conform to the actions of others under the assumption that those actions reflect the correct behavior.” It’s a powerful way to get people to take action with your business. It’s one of the most potent conversion rate optimization techniques since it eases the...
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How to use instagram for SEO

How to Use Instagram for SEO

Instagram is one of many social media platforms businesses including in their social media marketing strategies. Using social media can help boost your overall search engine optimization efforts so this article will share some tips about how to make the most of it. It is essential that as of now, Google has said they do...
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SEO Inc.’s Social Media Image Dimensions & Size Guide

You’re busy. You don’t have time to skim through a wall of text for the information you need right now. You need to know what picture sizes are ideal for all your social media accounts right away. So here’s the SEO Inc. Guide to Image Dimensions and Picture Sizes for Social Media. We’ll keep it updated as...
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