Infographic Friday: Hashtags and Online Presence


Oh the Hashtag: You either love it or you hate it, or you think it’s okay. (If you get that joke, kudos.) What started as a seemingly innocent way to tag your Tweets has now turned into one of the most powerful tools for tracking social media conversations as well as spreading the word about a business, product, message, etc. Sure, you can use a hashtag in any conversation you have on the Internet, and even in text messages when you’re trying to be coy, but when brands use them and they actually work, the effect of such a simple effort can result in increased business and brand awareness.

We recently came across a neat infographic that highlights the ins and outs of using hashtags to increase your online presence. And because we like sharing fun stuff with our readers, we’re going to go ahead and leave this right here. #Enjoy.

Hashtag Infographic

The key takeaway is that your hashtags need to be concise, conversational, unique and on point for your brand. Make sure whatever hashtag you’re using makes sense for your company. For example, #springbreakforever might not make sense for a butcher shop. Stay on brand.


Hashtag comes courtesy of: Quick Sprout

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