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A better website means better user experience. Better user experience means more visitors. Creating websites that balance visual appeal and ease of use can be difficult. It’s vital to keep up with the latest Web Design and Development trends in the digital world.  Read about the latest news with Web Develop and Design and how an optimized, a well-designed site can impact user engagement.
Three mobile phones lie in a row. Six apps, presented as multi-colored boxes, are arranged in two rows of three.
Google recently stated they are going to split the mobile index from the desktop one. What’s more, the mobile index will become Google’s primary index. This means mobile users will get Google’s freshest, most up-to-date search results. Desktop won’t be left entirely out, but desktop results no longer align with Google’s primary focus. You can...
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You never want to appear too congratulatory, you know? Especially not on your own website. Sure, you can talk about your products until the cows come home on your product pages. And even on your blog, feel free to mention your awesome services from time to time. But say you were reading the blog for,...
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Troubleshooting Web for Smartphone Users Smartphone users make up a significant chunk of internet search, and that number is only projected to increase. But smartphone search faces some specific challenges when it comes to mobile internet use. Two of the most common issues are faulty redirects and issues exclusive to smartphones. Here’s a look at...
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Why HTML5? Where Did It Come From? There is a W3C presentation that helps frame the historical reasons for HTML5. The slides are available in plain text [1] and Technicolor.[2] At the risk of confusing the facts,* I’ll try to explain why this is important and what is essential about it. For over a decade, XHTML1/1.1,...
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5 Top Tips When Building Website Applications Building website applications has to be one of the most fun things to do on earth. Wait, did I just write that? Man I need to get a life… OK, enough of the internal monologues. Seriously, building website applications is fun. But it can also be a nightmare...
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As an SEO company, we run into questions like, “Should you use a rel=canonical or a 301 redirect” all of the time. While we are quite versed in answering these topics, it is always nice to hear information straight from Google. In this video, we hear Matt Cutts, head of WebSpam at Google, address the...
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Making an Ajax application crawlable by the Google search engine is not incredibly complicated if you take the time to ensure the necessary technical requirements have been met. In this post, we will cover some of the key concepts in AJAX application search engine optimization. Overview of AJAX SEO Google and other search engines have...
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