WordPress 5.9 Top Features – Full Site-Editing 2022

WordPress 5.9, the latest version of the world’s most popular content management system, is here. WordPress 5.9 is packed with exciting features plus improvements that will make your content creation and publishing easier than ever before. WordPress 5.9 is also the first version of WordPress to offer full support for Gutenberg, the new layout system currently in development. This means you can start using Gutenberg in your theme today! Our Internet Marketing Services have you covered, we know WordPress 5.9. Also, consider having your Web Developer update to PHP 8 as it provides a slight speed performance with Web Core Vitals. Web Core Vitals is included with our SEO Services.

WordPress powers 43% of all websites, which explains why users have been waiting for the Jan 25th release. It boasts exciting new features such as full site editing, which gives users more control over site design and page templates. This article gives you a sneak peek of what’s coming in WordPress 5.9.

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Full site-editing?

FSE—Full Site Editing—is a new feature that will change the game for WordPress users. It is a major leap for Gutenberg, allowing the use of blocks for more flexible and easier customization options. Through the Gutenberg editor, you can customize all the parts of the site as you want. The benefit is that it gives you more control in design, and there is no need to use any codes because it is ready to use. Among the editable portions of WordPress are navigation, headers, archives, and post templates.

Conversely, since anything is editable here, this functionality cannot do everything. Its use is limited by your available blocks, features, and settings. The paragraph block is the most popular Gutenberg block used by about 60% of the users.

With full site editing, you can change designs and styles throughout the site. To use full site editing, you will need a theme that supports this in WordPress 5.9. The 2022 theme supports FSE, and using this feature is optional. Click ‘ Editor ‘ in the sidebar under ‘ Appearance’ to get started with the full site editor.

The default Twenty-Twenty Two Theme

WordPress 5.9 comes with a brand new default theme called Twenty Twenty-Two. This theme offers flexible design options. You can use the Site Editor to select typography and fonts for your pages. Additionally, you can access site-wide formatting settings, enabling the user to create consistent color schemes and layouts easily.
The Twenty Twenty-Two theme comes with various patterns which you can choose to customize your site. You can browse through the new Pattern Explorer section to find the theme you like. If you haven’t found your right choice, take a look in the Block Patterns Directory to choose a new ready-made layout for your site. To create custom pages, you can use SeedProd, which is not limited by the WordPress theme you are using.

Global styles

The Global Styles interface allows you to edit themes and style presets. This new update has removed the Customizer, and you won’t have to move around the admin pages to adjust your theme. It has become easier to custom color palettes and layouts. You use the simple graphical interface to make changes to blocks or site design whenever you want to make changes.
Before making your required changes, you will be prompted with a handy preview that will show you how the changes will look before applying them. Global Styles is a full site editing feature limited to blocks and themes supporting relevant functions.

Block editor updates.

Most people use WordPress for either creating or managing their content. According to statistics, 65.1% of all websites use WordPress as a content management system, accounting for almost half of all websites. This explains why each WordPress update is supported with improvements and game-changing SEO features.

Users can now easily drag sections from the toolbar’s ListView. You only need to drag an item up or down. This is an improvement since you can skip to any part of your text change its position and layout. In your content, you can now use blocks and pages. It allows you to set up navigation menus or add links to your blogs, landing pages, and articles.

WordPress 5.9 has made things easier for developers by allowing the toolbar from a parent block to be used by child blocks.

Change language during login

If you use WordPress in more than one language, you don’t have to worry since there is a language switcher. Though it is a minimalistic change, it is expected to save time. The hosting blogs in WordPress are in over 120 languages, the top most used language is English at 71%, followed by Spanish at 4.7%.

This new improvement has improved the lazy loading times, improving the performance. When you use WordPress 5.9, you will notice automatic improvements.

Change language during login

This release is expected to include many changes for developers, whether experienced or newbie, for them to create themes and plugins. WordPress will now support PHPUnit 8. x, and a new template has been introduced.

Other notable updates in the release are:
Revamped list view: add HTML anchors to blocks, drag and drop list items and expand and collapse sections.

Pattern Explorer: you can add patterns and edit them according to your site.

Improved block controls: new flexible layout controls, typography tools, and design details such as spacing and borders.

Updated gallery block: it gives all the images the same style, or you can style each differently and change the layout with drag and drop.

The future of WordPress starts now with version 5.9

The web is evolving. And the marketing technologies that drive business success are evolving with it. Today, companies must adapt or be left behind.

Forbes reports that 75% of internet users never go to the second page of search engine results. Chief among the improvements in WordPress 5.9 are site speed, navigation, and aesthetics, making it easier than ever for site owners to optimize their sites for search engines.

If you’re are ready to up your game in internet marketing, building around the new features of WordPress 5.9, SEO Inc is the company to call. We have helped many of our clients successfully adopt cutting-edge solutions that optimize digital marketing revenue.

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