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Website usability is a vital factor when it comes to SEO, conversions, and traffic. Following the best practices when it comes to website usability makes a massive difference with traction to your business and services. Learn how to effectively and efficiently keep up with the accessibility and usability of your website.

UX User Experience and SEO Inc
User Experience (UX) is being touted as one of the most critical factors for effective SEO in 2021. With the average attention span of internet users seemingly decreasing by the day, and a generation that expects instant results, a website’s speed and ease of navigation are of utmost importance. In this post, we’ll be looking at...
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The Problems with Machine Learning I often use the [define:] search operator to find the meaning and spelling of words. With the Chrome Web browser, it is especially convenient: you must type a search query into the address bar. This has been useful, and it has empowered me to expand my vocabulary. Up until recently,...
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  I’ve written here on the blog about ADA compliance, also known as 508 compliance, or more broadly, as web accessibility. My daughter is blind, and because of that, her online experience often suffers because many websites fail to provide adequate solutions for those with disabilities. Websites are covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act,...
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What is Bounce Rate Optimization? Bounce rate optimization is the process by which you work to decrease your site’s bounce rate. In doing so, you’re also working to optimize your conversion rate. The idea is that by working to serve your users better, you’re keeping them on your site longer, so they are less likely...
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A Vital Lesson in Optimizing Content for Site Visitors So you’ve built a badass website. And you’ve prepped your landing page for all those sweet, sweet visitors who will get your business rocking. You’ve filled your pages with great keywords, so your site is sure to show high in the rankings. But you’ve checked the...
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Troubleshooting Web for Smartphone Users Smartphone users make up a significant chunk of internet search, and that number is only projected to increase. But smartphone search faces some specific challenges when it comes to mobile internet use. Two of the most common issues are faulty redirects and issues exclusive to smartphones. Here’s a look at...
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