The Top 20 Social Media Analytics Tools For 2013


As 2012 draws to a close, we wanted to take a look at the upcoming year and how to make the most of it. Social media analytics is an essential part of any campaign or brand expansion, so here are the top 20 analytics tools to take advantage of in 2013.


Cost: $5 a promotion/$0.99 per day-$250 a promotion/$4.99 per day


Wildfire has produced a simple and easy to use app that will allow you to compare data of three Facebook pages at one time. You’ll be able to see how the activity on each page has changed over time, and you can unlock more analytical features if you choose to pay a bit more. The Enterprise option allows users access to the full product suite, unlimited custom promotions, advanced analytics, granular audience targeting, and complete branding.

All Facebook Stats

Cost: Free-$399/month

If you’re willing to hand over a bit more cash, All Facebook Stats will provide you with top of the line graphs and stats that can help you figure out your successes and failures on Facebook. While there is a free option, this will only allow you to follow three pages and one group with one user for 30 days. However, if you’re running a more significant business, the business package includes support, CSV exports, Facebook Insights integration, an unlimited analysis period, and allows you to follow up to 75 pages, and 25 groups with five users. Between fan-count statistics, interaction analyses, and content analyses, All Facebook Stats is one of the most in-depth analytics tools for Facebook yet.


Cost: Free-$100/month


TwitSprout is ridiculously easy to use an analytics tool that streamlines the analytics process. Not only can you measure your Twitter and Facebook accounts, but also your competitor’s activity, so you know what you’re up against. You’ll even get updates when retweets or followers are increasing or decreasing at an abnormal level. For the free “Sapling” account, you can only monitor three Twitter accounts. However, if you opt for their most popular option called Hickory, you can follow twenty social accounts with competitive tracking, Twitter accounts, Facebook Pages, and custom branding. If you’re an agency and you have a lot of accounts to track, the Redwood option lets you manage 60 social accounts with all the same benefits of the Hickory option.

Social Bakers

Cost: $50/month-$400/month

This analytics tool pulls information from Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube. You can track the daily growth of fans and followers, find key influencers, and identify the most engaging content. Like TwitSprout, you can also spy on your competitors and see what they’re up to. You can see what they’re trying and see their successes and failures. If you select brands that are similar to yours, you can compare their performance with yours. The cheapest option at $50 a month offers only one monitored profile and no detailed competitive insights. The 20 pack, however, lets you monitor 20 profiles with competitive insights. Keep in mind that a profile with Social Bakers includes a Facebook Page, Twitter Profile, and YouTube channel.


Cost: Free… for now.

Initially, a service for merchants, SumAll has launched a new social metrics system that tracks how social media impacts a company’s e-commerce. While this service is still brand new, and only links up to Facebook and Twitter profiles, it does provide valuable insight for companies based on information pulled in from Google Analytics, eBay, PayPal, Shopify, Big Commerce, and Magneto. SumAll says their client Diamond Candles has more than 143,000 likes on Facebook and estimates that each engagement was worth once cent and every advocacy was valued at $1.07. So if you’re an e-commerce company and you want to streamline your social engagement with your product revenue, SumAll is for you. Take advantage while it’s free, as a monthly fee will probably soon be charged for more in-depth analytics.

Google Analytics

Cost: Free

Google Analytics

Google Analytics had to be on this list. As one of the most significant presences on the internet, Google’s Analytics tool provides insights for users on the impact of social media on business goals and conversions. You can see which conversions occurred due to referrals from social media sights, which social sources referred visitors, and what your visitors are sharing from your site.


Cost: Free-$10/month

TwentyFeet tracks eight variables for Twitter, four variables for Facebook, five for, 11 for YouTube, 17 for Google Analytics, and 12 for MySpace.  With historical charts of your performance and helpful little emails when something interesting happens with your business, TwentyFeet lets you sit back and run your business, instead of continually checking the status of your social sites. With the free account, you can track your information on Twitter and Facebook user profiles. If you opt for the paid version, which operates on credits for various services, you’ll get Twitter, Facebook user profiles, Facebook pages, groups, or apps, along with Google Analytics, YouTube, Myspace and, and TwentyFeet is planning on adding more sites like WordPress, LinkedIn, and Klout.

Social Flow

Cost: $99/month


Social Flow is all about capturing your audience’s attention. It gives users incant analysis of the current opportunities on social networks, and uses a predictive algorithm to tell you when to publish or advertise to win attention… and maximize your investment. Social media success is about engagement, not reach. Social Flow helps users maximize engagement. Social Flow offers two options, Cadence for earned media and Crescendo for paid media, to best fit the needs of your business.


Cost: $149/month-$3000/month

PeopleBrowsr, formerly, can profile your audience, track site activity, tell you which people are most vocal about your brand, and provide real-time insight into audience engagement. Not only that, but PeopleBrowsr can measure the sentiment of those who are talking about your brand. You can then identify Advocates, Critics, and Opinion Leaders in the industry. This helps you sort your conversions, and they say it can improve accuracy by up to 95%. PeopleBrowsr pulls information from Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and forums.


Cost: $24/month-$99/month

Unilyzer helps you easily monitor social media marketing over time. It provides interactive dashboards, interactive charting, allows you to track unlimited Facebook Fan pages and profiles, and lets you track multiple profiles all from one dashboard. Unilyzer will allow you to see which social networks are contributing the most visitors over time. It pulls information from Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The more you pay, the more profiles you can track, but custom options are always available.


Cost: Free

Peer Index

Like every other social media analyzer, PeerIndex measure interactions across the web to help you understand your impact on social media. However, PeerIndex goes a step further and enables you to connect with like-minded people to spread the word about your brand or business. It starts by calculating your impact and giving you a score. Then when you create more content, you earn better scores and rewards. Once you’ve begun creating links with other people, you’ve connected with people who can help you spread the word about your business. Simple as that!


Cost: Free for the beta program

If you’re looking for a real-time social media marketing platform, SocialPointer is your best bet. People are always talking on the internet, and SocialPointer helps you listen to those conversations and respond to them. You can find and engage new potential clients, gain genuine user feedback in real-time, and track competitor’s campaigns. You’ll have access to information from blogs, microblogs, news, social bookmarks, Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed, YouTube, Digg, Delicious, Stumbleupon, Technorati, Google News, and many more.

Cost: $19/month-$499/month

This platform automatically tracks every share to any social network and shows which ones lead to clicks and conversions. The nice thing about is that it works with any social network, including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google+. This tracking is highly accurate because encodes all the metadata about each share directly into the URL, so no matter where the content is shared, or on what type of device, you will have accurate information about every share and interaction. For those users who want to track how social media sharing drives value for their business, the basic reporting option will work. It provides information on 10,000 shares tracked for one user.  The premium plan is for big businesses that need it all and provides unlimited shares tracked and unlimited users.


Cost: Free-$499/month


If you want to watch your reputation, opinions, and real-time sharing, Netvibes could be the perfect solution for you. By eliminating noise and giving you better results on a single platform, Netvibes allows you to access real-time monitoring of your brand. You can access all your social media accounts, online apps, read all your news and blog feeds, and manage your work tools. This streamlined approach to brand management helps you integrate Facebook, Twitter, and Google Analytics with this management and analytics tool.

Sprout Social

Cost $39/user-$99/user

Sprout Social lets you monitor your brand, manage conversations, publish and schedule updates across multiple social channels, and provides comprehensive analytics. All your social messages stay in one inbox, and all the reports are unlimited for all the plans they provide. You can measure the effectiveness of your outbound messages to optimize your reach and impressions, and even export your information in PDF and CSV format. The standard plan lets you manage up to 10 profiles, free mobile apps, reports and analytics, and customer engagement tool. However, if you want to go big, the premium plan lets you manage up to 50 profiles with the entire suite of features, including team configuration and ViralPost send time optimization.


Cost: $600/month-$10,000/month

With Radian6, you can listen to the conversations about your brand that are happening online, measure what’s being said about your company, engage with the customers, discover the actual community itself, and increase your positive social presence. Radian6 provides easy to read summaries about the interaction and chatter about your brand so that you can easily engage with the most influential customers. If the price turns you off, remember that it starts with plans specifically designed to help medium-sized businesses. If you’re a personal user, this may not be the resource for you.


Cost: $300/month-$1100/month

This is a simple system to use and allows you to monitor your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn from a single dashboard, along with delegating tasks to your team. You can schedule posts and post updates to your blog automatically. It also offers to report on the ROI of your social media campaigns. This software helps you participate in conversations with prospective customers, and provides you with social intelligence on your business. The Marketer pricing option is perfect for those who want professional social media marketing for a single user. The Enterprise option is better for bigger businesses who need the full suite of features.


Cost: Free-$49/month


This all-in-one dashboard system lets you monitor individual departments and multiple websites.  Cyfe allows you to pull data from sources like Google and Salesforce, and gives you access to real-time reports about your website and its users. Currently, supported widgets include Google Analytics, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Pinterest, and many more options. The free option allows you five widgets with an unlimited number of dashboards. However, you won’t have access to real-time sharing or custom branding.  But if you upgrade to the Pro version, you can make use of 100 widgets, plus unlimited dashboards, users, and access to real-time sharing and custom branding.


Cost: $15/year-$45/year

HowSociable works a little like Klout, giving you a score of your brand’s impact on the web. However, HowSociable is different because it measures 36 different social sites, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, Blogger, WordPress, and even Amazon and eBay. From those 36 sites, HowSociable takes one week’s activity across the social web sphere and analyzes it to score you based on the activity of brands like yours. By comparing brands, viewing high impact mentions, and historical loading data, you can effectively capture your best audience and use it to your brand’s advantage.


Cost: Starts at $500/month

MutualMind offers a service that will listen to the web for keywords and topics of interest for your business and provide real-time results. It accesses information from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, and many more sites to provide you with the most comprehensive reports. The proprietary algorithms filter out the noise and deliver the most accurate and relevant information for you. Their pricing is based on the customer, which may turn some people off from checking it out, but if you’re looking for a comprehensive set of social media monitoring, intelligence, and management capabilities, you may want to check out MutualMind for your business.

Keeping your finger on the pulse of the internet can be quite tricky, but I hope these sites will give you a good head start! Happy surfing!

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