SEO News | Google Panda 4.0 Rolling Out

SEO News: Goole Panda 4.0

So we all stay on our toes, in case you thought you were in the clear and could take a breath, Google has announced the rollout of its newest algorithm, Panda 4.0. While we all appreciate the cute names of these algorithms, the changes that come with these algorithms are anything but. It’s Google’s way of ensuring a clean and respectable Internet experience, so we should really be thanking them for the hard work they are putting in to make the Web a better place. (Editor’s note: I’m not even being sarcastic. it might seem like a pain in the rear end, but shouldn’t we all want quality over quantity?) So what exactly is happening now with the roll out of Panda 4.0? Read on for more of what to expect and how to be prepared for the new changes.

Kiss Pandas

The Panda algorithm was developed to to prevent sites with low and poor quality content from appearing in Google’s top search results. Panda 4.0 might appear to be a “softer and gentler” update, however, compared to Panda’s past. Google confirms that the new update will affect different languages to different degrees. In English, the impact is ~7.5% of queries that are affected to a degree that a regular user might notice.

Basically, the new Panda 4.0 update continues on the path of penalizing sites with low-quality content and irrelevant and spammy inbound links, among other factors. If you were penalized by a Panda update in the past and think it’s clear sailing now, don’t be fooled. Google will continue to refine, readjust, and rethink their updates so, over time, there will be no spam left anywhere… Except in your makeshift fallout shelter as we prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse.

Remember to always keep your site healthy and fresh. Here are a few tips and trick as to how to maintain a well-respected site, especially in Google’s eyes.

  • Produce high quality original content
  • Keep design and navigation clean & well-structured
  • Don’t stuff keywords! Think of your readers and how you want your content read
  • Keep META data unique and relevant
  • Post fresh quality content (blogs)
  • Have the website properly geo-targeted to your targeted location
  • Don’t let ads takeover your content on the website
  • Don’t use any black-hat SEO tactics
  • Focus on a great content strategy that gets you natural links from authority websites
  • Increase your social media efforts. Google likes seeing this.

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