Twitter Introduces New Timeline Feature.

A new Twitter Timeline feature is spreading its wings today to show popular Tweets you’ve missed. Like the “While you were away” part from a year ago, this new Timeline will show conversations from the “best Tweets from people you follow” after you’ve been away from Twitter for a while.

Want to try it out on a desktop? Go into your Settings, go to the Timeline section, and check “Show me the best Tweets first.”

On iOS, go into Settings, Timeline, Timeline Personalization, then “Show me the best Tweets first.”

On Android, go to Settings, Timeline, and—you guessed it, “Show me the best Tweets first.”

If you don’t see it or don’t see the Timeline section at all, have patience. Twitter says they’ll roll it out gradually, so keep checking in. A notification should appear on your Timeline when it shows up.

The new Twitter Timeline feature will appear in reverse chronological order at the top of your Timeline, with the rest of your Tweets appearing underneath as usual.

“Why the Change? The Twitter Timeline Was Fine as It Was!”

This new feature was announced a while ago, and it’s already riling up the coop.

Although Twitter reports seeing more Retweets and Tweets from users already using this feature, many users resist the change. We saw, and still see, a similar reaction when Facebook began sorting statuses by popularity rather than chronology.

Twitter is trying to make the best free product they can, which remains the most useful for their users. Getting users up to speed without sifting through the thousands of people they follow seems useful. But this feature seems unnecessary for those who don’t want to miss a thing.

What about SEO? Well, social media remains a valuable tool for businesses. This new feature is just one more thing to get used to. Advertisers may like this new feature because it keeps their brand visible without the cost of setting up a new ad.

“Is the Twitter I Know Gone for Good?”

Nope! As far as we know, the new Twitter timeline will be optional. Twitter says they’ll be turning the feature on all accounts in the “coming weeks,” but you can turn it off if you don’t like it. They recommend you give them feedback first.

We’ll see if this new feature has wings in the coming weeks.

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