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Twitter is a vital platform to stay in the loop of the latest trends and news. Not only is the platform great for news, but it’s also great for business exposure. Keeping up with Twitter can help establish your brand’s reputation, create traffic and leads, and create conversation. Read more on how Twitter can improve the quality and quantity of your business.

Things are constantly changing in social media marketing, so you have to stay on your toes. While a few months ago, you used to have to spend $10,000 a month on Twitter advertising to get a unique Twitter profile, the company has now turned around and started offering these same features to everyone for free. And...
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Get ready to tweet your heart out. The 140 Twitter character limit you know and love will soon exclude media attachments like images, videos, polls, and GIFs, as well as names that start with @. Currently, adding an attachment like a photo or link takes up 23 characters, giving you a total of 117 characters...
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A new Twitter Timeline feature is spreading its wings today that will show popular Tweets you’ve missed. Kind of like the “While you were away” feature from a year ago, this new Timeline will show conversations from the “best Tweets from people you follow” after you’ve been away from Twitter for a while. Want to...
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