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Social listening is the act of scouring the internet for chatter about your brand. Some of the feedback you’ll see on your social media channels because people will speak to you and about you there. But, a lot could go unnoticed if you’re not actively engaging in social listening since people could be talking about...
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A new Twitter Timeline feature is spreading its wings today that will show popular Tweets you’ve missed. Kind of like the “While you were away” feature from a year ago, this new Timeline will show conversations from the “best Tweets from people you follow” after you’ve been away from Twitter for a while. Want to...
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You’re busy. You don’t have time to skim through a wall of text for the information you need right now. You need to know what picture sizes are ideal for all your social media accounts right away. So here’s the SEO Inc. Guide to Image Dimensions and Picture Sizes for Social Media. We’ll keep it updated as...
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