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The Internet is buzzing with speculation on Pinterest. And for a good reason, it fills a bit of a void in the social media space. While there are bookmarking sites that exist, Pinterest concentrates on fashion, design, and décor bookmarking, and does it in a very compelling and aesthetically pleasing way that we have never seen before. In this post, we will give a quick update on the latest Pinterest information.

Quick Pinterest Info (2/09/12)

  • Pinterest sends more referral traffic than YouTube and Google +
  • Pinterest demographic is 54% female and 46%, male
  • Pinterest has experienced the fastest growth in the history of any social media site
  • The main Pinterest demographic is 18 to 34-year-old upper-class women in the heartland of the United States

Pinterest MarketingInsight into Pinterest Marketing

As more social media marketers are jumping into Pinterest along comes an understanding of the benefits and goals of the site. Perks, for example, include referring site traffic, brand exposure, and link building for search engine optimization. Some of the goals while on the site would be getting as many re-Pins, comments, and likes as possible.

One great benefit of Pinterest is that, opposed to other sites, when you submit a piece of content, you automatically go up to the top of the food chain. For example, say that I submit an infographic on search engine optimization, and so does a competitor. No matter who has more followers or re-pins, as of now, our post will both have equal weight and be seen by the same amount of users. This is very different than an Edge Rank situation that you will see on Facebook, where the amount of users subjected to a post is entirely biased. I, for one, am happy about this. But others may not agree.

Now, if you are adding a new Pin to a board on Pinterest, there are a few things to keep in mind from a Pinterest feed optimization perspective. First, if possible, add a dollar amount to your description. After completing this, a small banner will be added to your Pin showing the value of the product. This will also make the product searchable by that dollar amount. As of now, this only works for dollars and does not work for other currencies.

Here is an essential item. You must associate your Pinterest board with a Pinterest category if you want it to show up in the main feed. If you don’t, your followers will see your Pins that get posted to that Pinterest board.

As of now, the way Pinterest interacts with the outside world is limited. Sure there is a share button, Pin It browser plugin, and Pinterest profile icons, but there are no good WordPress or Drupal plugins to add these items. For the moment, these types of development projects will need to be addressed individually. No big deal though, they are easy enough.

According to Pinterest, there will be an API available in 2 to 3 weeks. Watch out world, Pinterest is coming on to the scene!

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