Infographic: Why Your Content Isn’t Going Viral

Why Your Content Isn’t Going Viral [Infographic]

“Going viral” means something completely different now than it did 15 years ago. The connotation surrounding something viral has switched from the negativity of a worldwide pandemic to the positive mass sharing of awesome content. You never really know what’s going to “hit” and take off on the Internet, but when it does, the effects are astounding.  From grumpy cats to wondering what a fox says, and from kids biting each others’ fingers to dogs with broken English internal dialogues, these days, you want your content to spread like wildfire.

However, sometimes content will just not hit. One could argue viral spread is all about timing, but that may or may not be true. Regardless, we came across this infographic, originally published by the minds at, and thought we’d shed a little light on why your awesome content isn’t going viral.

There might be no way to guarantee your content will go viral, but the five key points in the following infographic will at least give you a fighting chance.

Why Your Awesome Content Isnt Going Viral

Source: WhoIsHostingThis?

Are you creating emotionally charged content that compels people to want to share it? Are your ViralNova Headlines at headlines attention-grabbing and relevant to a spectrum of readers across the board?

Is your content laid out in a way that is easy for people to read? Remember, the average attention span of the Internet user has dropped significantly. So if you can’t hook them with a headline followed by easily digestible content (aka Top 10 lists, pop culture references, etc.), chances are, you will not be getting the shares you desire.

Finally, are you sharing your content on the proper social media outlets companied with appropriate conversation starters (hashtags, etc.) and encouraging shares? If not, you should be; otherwise, unless you’re very, very lucky, your awesome content is going to go unnoticed.

So keep creating your killer content with the key points highlighted in this infographic. You should hopefully see your content spread further than ever before. Also, include a cat from time to time. It can’t hurt.

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