Google Advance Voice Search App Approved for iOS

You have probably heard of Siri for the iPhone. It’s that robot-sounding voice that you can ask questions and give commands. For example, you can ask it directions or how hot the sun is. Google recently launched their own version of Siri in late June. Along with it, they released Google Now, which essentially predicts your next move and gives you the info you need to get it done.

The news of this blog pertains to the Google voice command search app. The app has now officially been made available on iTunes after months of silent delay. You can watch a video on how it works below.

Google Voice Search App Video

The Google voice search results are delivered in a card format similar to that of the Google Now service.

Insight into Google Voice Search App

Voice search is on everyone’s radar. 49% of smartphone and tablet owners are using apps to find local information. This really plays into the purpose of this application. It is meant to help those searching for local info; however, it can branch out of this niche and deliver info in other areas.

From an SEO perspective, we know that Siri is pulling information from local sites such as Yelp, Google Maps, Citysearch, YP, etc. There are more than 60 local sites it collects info from. Siri looks at address, phone number, images, positive reviews, and a high number of ratings. Schema tags also play a role in this, as these local tags list information, address, phone number, operating hours, etc. The final component is linking.

When looking at SEO and Google voice search, we can assume many of these same components will come into play; however, Google + and knowledge graphs play a larger role. Furthermore, much more information surfaced from the general Google index, that being regular, image and video results.

But all things search engine optimization aside, the new Google advanced voice search app is now here, and you can get it via iTunes. So jump in, download it and start voice searching!

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