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Since 1996, has been serving Las Vegas visitors and residents. The Greenspun Corporation (parent company) has supported and helped Las Vegas grow for over 50 years, starting with the publication of the oldest family-owned newspaper in Nevada, the Las Vegas Sun. logo

The Challenge

When this company initially contacted SEO Inc. for SEO services, they were frustrated with their website rankings. They were very skeptical and on guard. They had specific questions and goals to be achieved.

Their ultimate goal was to beat out their competition by increasing search engine rankings, translating into increased hotel room reservations through their online booking engine. also had specific categories that were important to improving their rankings, including “Las Vegas hotels,” “Las Vegas golf,” and “Las Vegas shows.” A secondary goal was to increase their knowledge about SEO Best Practices and create a workflow for all new content to be well-optimized.

The Strategy

Step 1 – Identity Problems & Opportunities: SEO Inc. completed a thorough keyword and competitive analysis. This analysis indicated that the site would see a dramatic increase in traffic from the search engines through improved rankings on top-level category keywords like “Las Vegas hotels,” “Las Vegas Tours,” “Las Vegas Weddings,” etc. We also determined that the site would get even more traffic and conversions by targeting keywords in specific verticals like hotel names, show names, and golf course names. The strength of the site was the vast amount of content. Our job was to make sure that the spiders indexed the content, improve content best practices for their editorial team, and optimize the code on the page for those keywords.

Step 2 – Improve Optimization & Implement Best Practices: The most important part of the optimization was to improve the optimization of the site structure, so this was the first thing we consulted on with the team. We worked with them to change the URL structure seen by the search engines so that the dynamic pages would have a flat URL structure. The primary page for the “Las Vegas hotels” category previously was located on a non-seo-friendly URL. We consulted with them to change this URL structure so that the search engines would see a flat URL, currently Our consultation also included several recommendations to improve the navigation by incorporating a more search engine-friendly use of text links in the navigation and content within the site.

Once the site architecture improvements were made, we provided consulting and built “Best Practices” for the site’s code optimization, including Best Practices for META and robots tags, implementation of accessibility attributes, cross-browser compliance, and other code elements. SEO Inc. also helped optimize their dynamic site templates and conducted a full review of the implementation of the code optimization.

The Results

The client was ecstatic with the organic results.

  • The number of 1st place rankings increased by almost 2,000%
  • The number of Top 5 rankings increased by nearly 2,500%
  • The number of Top 10 rankings increased by over 2,100%
  • We beat out two of their main competitors on most high-value keywords and achieved high rankings for most of the top Las Vegas hotel names and related keywords.’s revenue stream has increased tremendously, increasing optimization campaign budgets.

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