Are Your AMP Pages Spiking? Find Out Why

AMP pages are on the move.

We at SEO Inc. noticed significant fluctuations for several of our clients’ indexed Accelerated Mobile Pages. The spikes occurred last weekend—Sunday, the 13th, to be precise—which saw some upward movement of hundreds of indexed mobile pages. Pages that hadn’t been indexed yet did not move, of course.

For clients who have gotten AMPed, as we suggested, that could indicate several things. It is Google, after all—nothing’s for sure. But as SEO experts, here’s what we think.

What Fluctuating AMP Pages Means for Your Business

This could mean AMP pages are seeing a bit of that ranking boost, we suspect. But it isn’t likely. What’s more likely is that AMP reporting isn’t 100 percent there on Google Search Console yet.

This indicates that Google may be indexing AMP pages more frequently. Considering their recent efforts to put AMP pages in front of people, it isn’t surprising we’d see a positive impact for pages that have made the jump.

AMP went live in late February, maybe even a bit prematurely. Maybe Google felt pressured to get it out the door before Facebook’s Instant Articles go live in April. Then again, maybe not.

Google has no problem live testing new products. With an open-source project like AMP, it’s expected we’d see certain areas a bit rough around the edges. But we have used it ourselves, and our AMP pages are working as intended. They load quickly, are easy on the eyes, and all that good stuff.

So, although the big spikes for your AMP pages may excite you, try (if you can) to measure your enthusiasm. Google is still working out the kinks and may continue for some time.

Why You Still Need to Get AMPed

This begs the question: What if these spikes are for real? What if they do indicate a significant ranking boost?

If there’s even a remote chance that that ranking signal has been released, we’ll take it. That signal could be crucial besides the better user experience AMP Pages provide. Especially in light of other ranking signals, like PageRank, going away from the public eye.

Don’t try to get around it—your mobile site needs AMP pages. And SEO Inc. can build them for you.

Contact us, and let’s get you good and AMPed.

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