SEO Case Studies

Get Restaurant Coupons

Get Restaurant Coupons

Success Through SEO Case Study

Where To Eat America had a vision to offer the largest online restaurant guide and listing available. Even though they had the vision, they needed the technical know-how in order to effectively implement the necessary changes to improve search engine rankings. The goal was to rank for “Restaurant Coupons” as the primary keyword. Read More
US Storage Search

SEO Inc SEO Case Study for US Storage Search

Organic search traffic increased by 400%

When came to SEO Inc., the website had been online for less than a year and a half and was fairly user-friendly, but it was not search engine-friendly. They had signed up many storage facilities in hundreds of cities. The website included a search feature by city, state, and zip code. What the site lacked was any search engine optimization and, most importantly, rankings on search engines. Read More SEO Case Study

Better Rankings Through SEO had some respectable rankings when they contacted SEO Inc. but were not ranked in the Top 10 on Google for several important keywords in a few of their important product categories. Their goal was to generate more traffic by ranking for more highly-searched competitive terms and regain their rankings that had slipped as more competitors moved into the market. Read More

SEO Case Study for Skycasters

TOP 3 rankings on Google for their 4 most important keywords

Skycasters had some respectable rankings when they contacted SEO Inc., but they were not ranked in the Top 10 for any of the 4 most important keyword phrases on Google. Skycasters goal was very clear: to achieve Top 5 or Top 10 rankings on Google for their primary keywords. Read More
Entrepreneur Magazine

SEO Case Study for

$2 Million per month in New Revenue

SEO Inc. had the privilege of being asked to participate in a groundbreaking third-party case study performed by Frost & Sullivan for organic search engine optimization. The result of Frost’s research included an in-depth white paper discussing the SEO industry and practices that lead to successful campaigns; it also included a case study of one of our top clients, Entrepreneur Magazine. Read More
Oxi Fresh Logo for SEO Inc Case Study

Oxi Fresh SEO Case Study

Manual Penalty Removal and 233% increase in Organic Traffic.

Oxi Fresh had been attacked by a destructive Link Farm two years prior to engaging with SEO Inc. As a result of the Link Farm, Oxi Fresh’s rankings had been severely damaged by a Manual Penalty from Google. Read More

IGN SEO Case Study

1500% Increase in Search Traffic

IGN's goals were to “Dominate the search rankings for keywords related to any video games and gaming systems reviewed on the site.” IGN wanted to rank high in the search engines and, most specifically, Google for any and all game titles and variants on those game titles’ phrases. Read More
European Body Art SEO Case Study

An SEO Success Story

European Body Art is a premier manufacturer and supplier of the world’s most complete systems for airbrush temporary tattoos, airbrush products and supplies, airbrush tutorials and training, and airbrush workstation equipment. Although based in Newport Beach, CA, their airbrush designs and systems can be seen in theme parks across the USA which grew their operation to 15 locations nationwide – allowing their operation to grow into one of the world’s leaders of airbrush body art products and accessories available today. Read More

Dr. Natura SEO Case Study

Ranking #2 on Google within the first 6 months

Read More SEO Case Study

TOP 10 rankings for the 4 most important keywords had some respectable rankings when they contacted SEO Inc., but were not ranked in the Top 10 on Google for several important keywords in a few of their important product categories. While the site ranked very well for keywords like boats, new boats, etc., they had little visibility for highly-competitive phrases like “boat insurance”, “boat loans”, and “boat warranty”. Their goal was to get more traffic for these product categories. Read More SEO Case Study

1st place rankings increased by almost 2000%

When approached SEO Inc., their ultimate goal was to beat out their competition by increasing search engine rankings, which would translate into increased hotel room reservations through their online booking engine. Read More
SaveOn Conferences


3,185% increase in First Place organic positions wanted to hire a company that could take over the management of their PPC campaigns in order to improve them while also implementing an aggressive SEO campaign to improve organic search traffic. They also wanted to gain better insight into the performance of specific keywords by analyzing web analytics data. Finally, there was a strong desire to penetrate the "Global search engine landscape" by dominating search engine listings in the US, UK, and Germany. Read More