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The Challenge

TACORI Enterprises has built a notable reputation for being one of the premier jewelers in the country, creating some of the world’s most highly regarded diamonds and precious stone jewelry. With their unrelenting dedication to quality and service, the TACORI team was looking to grow and strengthen their online presence through the use of social media.

In order to establish a prominent position online, TACORI hired SEO Inc. as their search and social media marketing agency to collaborate as an extension of their marketing department. The primary goal for TACORI was to establish a dominant online presence in search and social media in their industry.

The Solution

SEO Inc. has a strong background creating integrated search and social media marketing campaigns. We understand the value of utilizing online viral campaigns and strategic online marketing advertisements to boost the TACORI brand. Because of this, we approached the challenge through the three-pronged method of Earned, Owned, and Advertised.

  • Earned: Acquiring “Likes” through promotions and quality organic content.
  • Owned: Acquiring “Likes” and fans through social media optimization of the company’s online properties and tools.
  • Advertised: Using Facebook Advertisements to attract social media fans.

With this in mind, SEO Inc. set out to boost the popularity of TACORI’s Facebook site. We worked with TACORI to devise three specially-created Viral Marketing Campaigns targeting potential TACORI consumers. The campaigns included the “I’m a TACORI Girl Contest”, “The Mating Game Sweepstakes”, and the”TACORI Checkmate Ringtone Download Campaign”. Each of these viral campaigns brought a spike in visitors both to the TACORI website and to TACORI’s Facebook site.

The Results

As a result of these methods over the length of a year, the TACORI Facebook site, Mobile Facebook site, and Facebook Apps sent a tremendous amount of referral site traffic to Tacori.

In one year, TACORI saw a 1,136% increase in visits from Facebook. TACORI’s mobile site and apps also saw an excellent amount of growth. TACORI received 9,700% more visits from mobile Facebook users and saw an increase of 465% in the amount of new visitors referred by their Facebook applications.

Arguably the most beneficial outcome of our campaign was the amount of conversions the TACORI website received from their Facebook Page. The conversion rate for referring traffic from the TACORI Facebook site became just over 32%, amounting to 10s of thousands of users visitors coming to the TACORI website and qualifying as an online conversion.  Conversion rates for TACORI’s Mobile Facebook site were even greater, with a 70% conversion rate.

Facebook now provides Tacori with the largest referring website traffic out of any other websites online. On top of the clear traffic and conversion numbers, which are the basis of ROI, TACORI now has a large and vibrant online community founded on permission-based marketing, which is incredibly receptive to their message. This will be a remarkable asset for the company for years to come. Furthermore, the TACORI Facebook page now has a page rank of 6. This will help the website build backlinks and increase their authority for targeted SEO terms.


32% FB Conversions

Reputation Management

70% Conversion Rate


465% Increase in Visitors

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