What does it mean to be a “Top SEO Company?” 

Google “top SEO company” and see what comes up. Go ahead; we’ll wait. What do you see?

Are you bombarded with lists? Does each result boast a comprehensive collection of the very best SEO companies the industry has to offer? If you ask us, it all seems pretty overwhelming.

Oh, these lists have their uses. After all, they do give new webmasters a lot of options when choosing the right company.

But what these lists don’t do is tell you what it exactly means to be a top SEO company.

How can you know what to look for in an SEO company if none of these sites say what the best of the best do?

That’s where we come in.

As a recent winner of not one but two of this month’s Best SEO Company awards, we wanted to speak with authority on what makes a company truly worthy of the title “top SEO company”:

  • A focus on results
  • An emphasis on website security and speed
  • Flexibility with Google’s algorithms

Want to know more? Of course, you do. Here’s what makes an SEO company a top contender in this fast-paced industry.

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A top SEO company is results-oriented.

People like numbers. They like scores. They want to assign a numerical value and then make a quick judgment. You’ve seen it before on Amazon product reviews, or seller ratings on eBay. These can be arranged in a numerical rank, which helps influence users to make a purchase.

The sites we talked about earlier do the same thing, but with SEO companies. At first glance, these sites seem to serve the user by distilling each company down to a number, a score. But a top SEO company is more than just a number. You need a great SEO company, not just a good one.

Any SEO company that claims to be on “top” must be able to prove the quality of:

  • it’s services
  • it’s experience

And most importantly…

  • it’s results.

To sum, a good top SEO company gets results for its clients. It meets goals, exceeds expectations, and, over time, gets its clients on the first page of Google. None of this is possible without a lot of hard work and communication backed up by hard data.

(See how we increased organic traffic by 233%.)

By itself, a number doesn’t mean much. But if you think about it, users attribute value based on one main thing—results. Shoppers write Amazon reviews after they see how well (or how poorly) their purchase met their needs. The result of that performance defines the number.

This analogy doesn’t add up ultimately when thinking about SEO companies, but you get the idea. A top SEO company pursues client goals relentlessly and has the data (reports, analytics, reviews, etc.) to back up that claim.

A top SEO company is concerned with security and speed.

eBay and Amazon are two of the top e-commerce sites for a couple of reasons:

1) Millions of shoppers trust them implicitly with their credit card and personal information, so you know they have to be (relatively) safe.

2) Shoppers can view lots of products very quickly without having to wait for the pages to load.

Any SEO company worth its salt should know site security is a top priority. All websites, especially e-commerce sites, must offer users a secure connection when they visit. With hacking running more rampant than ever, implementing safe web protocols like HTTPS and HSTS can be a critical step toward better web security.

Site speed is just as crucial as security but is not nearly as popular. We’d be surprised to hear most “top” SEO companies give site to speed the credit it deserves.

All you need to know is this: a fast page is a page that converts, and that’s a fact. Pages that load quick constitute a significant part of a website’s ability to retain customers and encourage them to make a purchase. An SEO company that enters a campaign with that in mind is already situated for success.

A top SEO company works with, not around, Google’s algorithms.

Google’s word is law. You don’t bend the rules of the biggest search engine in the world, not when it comes to the ways it ranks your site. Resist the temptation to don your black hat—adhering to the technology titan’s rules and regulations is a sure path to better rankings. A top SEO company understands this relationship better than anyone.

Google updates and experiments with its algorithms all the time. As a result, SEO companies must juggle what they know (the established, best practices they’ve been using for years) with a never-ending tide of constant changes.

It’s hard work, having to incorporate constant changes that may not get used. But failure to account for these changes means missed opportunities. A top SEO company will not only acknowledge but will take advantage of these emerging trends to get ahead of the competition.

2016 left us with Panda and Penguin as part of Google’s core ranking algorithm. Penguin also began running in real-time. A top SEO company will know how to make impactful changes like these and enhance its overall search strategy.

The more you know…

What makes a top SEO company? You have your answers. A focus on results, site optimization, and Google adaptability all add up to an above-average SEO company.

We at SEO Inc. have been a leader in search engine optimization since 1997. We are committed to providing our clients with proven results, reinforced by regular reporting and communication, as well as time-tested SEO know-how. We respond quickly to algorithm changes to ensure you’re always moving in a direction that benefits your core business.

Want to know how a top SEO company operates? Give us a call: 877-736-0006.

A big thank you to both PromotionWorld and FindBestSEO for awarding us #1 Best SEO Company for January 2017! We will continue to do great things this year.

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