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Web Analytics revolves around collecting and generating reports to keep track of metrics, actions taken, and behavior of visitors on a website. Web Analytics has become a primary way of keeping track of what’s happening with a website. Learn more on web analytic basics and how platforms like Google Analytics can help keep track of your website behavior.

When looking at data inside Google Analytics, it can be hard to remember exactly what was happening on particular days. You might see a spike in traffic for a campaign or a seasonal dip for a local holiday. You might be able to open your calendar to match dates to activity, but if you’re like...
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How to use Google Analytics Event Tracking
Google Analytics Events and how to create Event tracking. Google Analytics is a free tool that helps you see what’s going on with your web traffic. You can see how much time people spend on each page, where they are getting referrals to your website, and sometimes you can even see the keywords they used...
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In the usual Google spirit of jumping in and demolishing the competition in growing industries, Google has launched Google Tag Manager. But it is not all bad. On the contrary, Google Tag Manager looks like an excellent option for better aggregating and analyzing specific data. In this post, we will go over the basics of...
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Example of the Customer Actions view on a Google My Business page
Online Goals Any Local Business Can (and Should) Track to Improve Their Digital Presence Goal and conversion tracking for Search Engine Optimization in Google Analytics are helpful for any business. For local businesses, however, it’s critical. Understanding where your business is coming from can help you create loyal customers and make more sales. When starting...
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