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Google and other search engines love fresh content. Blog writing can be an excellent way to maintain and build search engine traffic. Whether you post bi-weekly, five days a week or anytime, a well-written and optimized blog can keep you above your competition in search engine rankings. Read about how high-quality, content-driven blogs can be a huge contribution to your business or agency.

Why Your Content Isn’t Going Viral [Infographic] “Going viral” means something completely different now than it did 15 years ago. The connotation surrounding something viral has switched from the negativity of a worldwide pandemic to the positive mass sharing of awesome content. You never really know what’s going to “hit” and take off on the...
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Blog Comments: What’s Spam vs Real It’s not uncommon to sign in to your blog dashboard and see a plethora of new comments, especially if you’re updating on a regular basis. And for the most part, this is a good thing, right? People are finding your blog and reading your content. Hooray! You’ve created something...
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Meet Matthew, Our IT Assistant Matthew Merrell, a 19-year-old IT Assistant here at SEO Inc., is perseverant, intelligent, and extremely skilled with technology.  However, Matthew did not walk into his success without having to overcome numerous obstacles that would cause most people to give up on their dreams and aspirations in life.  Matthew was born...
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