SEO Inc.’s Social Media Image Dimensions & Size Guide

You’re busy. You don’t have time to skim through a wall of text for the information you need right now. You need to know what picture sizes are ideal for all your social media accounts right away. So here’s the SEO Inc. Guide to Image Dimensions and Picture Sizes for Social Media. We’ll keep it updated as these sites make changes.

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Facebook Image Dimensions and Size Guide

Facebook cover photo – image dimensions: 851 x 315 (min. 399 x 150)

Facebook profile picture dimensions – size: 180 x 180 (min. 160 x 160)

Timeline – Newsfeed photo: 1200 x 900 (min. none)

Facebook Ad Dimensions – Specs: 1200 x 628

Facebook is the top social media site in the world. It’s important to have the right picture, image, and photo sizes. Just keep in mind that both your cover photo dimensions and profile picture dimensions will be cropped to fit a square. So make sure you’ve got the important images and text in that area. JPGs load the quickest, but if you have text or a logo in your photos, a PNG will work best. On smartphones, your cover photo will display at 640 x 360 pixels. For Facebook ads, your images will resize automatically if they’re too large or small. Click this link to see the images sizes for all Facebook ads.

Twitter Photo Dimensions and Size Guide

Twitter header size dimensions: 1500 x 500 (min. none)

Twitter profile picture size: 400 x 400 (min. 200 x 200)

Twitter image size: 506 x 253 (min. 440 x 220)

Like Facebook, your Twitter profile pic will shrink to a smaller display. So make sure you have the important stuff in the right place. Tweets with images generally do well, so add something eye-catching to your short message. Just make sure you account for the 23 characters it will take up. The Twitter banner & header size gives your account some space. This can add personality to your Twitter header versus other social media cover photo dimensions.

5/25/16 edit – Twitter has said they will remove the 23-character requirement needed to attach images and other media, giving you the full 140 characters to dedicate to brief messages.

Instagram Picture Dimensions and Size Guide

Instagram photo size: 110 x 110

This social media platform is all about photos. So you might be wondering how to make images fit on Instagram. You don’t need to worry about a header image/cover photo (Instagram got rid of that in June 2015). So you only need to worry about your Instagram profile picture size and other Instagram picture sizes. Ideal Instagram photo size requirements are 602 x 752 for Portraits, 602 x 602 for Square size, and 600 x 314 for landscape picture sizes and panoramic picture frames. These are the Instagram picture size requirements!

Pinterest Social Media Image Dimensions and Size Guide

Pinterest profile pic: ~61 x 61

Pinterest Image Size: Varies

Pinterest places a heavy emphasis on photos, so it’s extra essential to get those right. However, there’s no exact optimal size for Pinterest pins. Even the Pinterest profile image size is a suggested size. Instead, choose an appropriate size for each new image that will “play nice” with your other pins.

YouTube Image, and Banner Dimensions and Size Guide

YouTube Channel Art – Cover photo, Size/Dimensions: 2560 x 1440
YouTube Profile Picture: 100 x 100

Channel art is also known as a YouTube Banner or cover photo. You may want to consider using the 1546 x 423 “safe area” for your channel art. This guarantees your text and logos won’t get cut off from the YouTube banner size. This is also the smallest size you can upload. You can also create a branded full-size YouTube banner, which is recommended.

LinkedIn Photo Dimensions and Size Guide

LinkedIn profile picture size: 200 x 200

LinkedIn profile background photo: 1400 x 425

LinkedIn company logo: 400 x 400 (min. 300 x 300)

LinkedIn banner: 646 x 220

For LinkedIn, you have several image sizes depending on what kind of page you’re working on. We’ve included both to dispel any confusion. But take note – a Premium profile account can support a 240 x 240 LinkedIn profile picture, photo size. Just make sure those extra 40 pixels are extra-professional.

Tumblr Social Media Image Dimensions and Size Guide

Tumblr profile picture: 128 x 128 min.

Tumblr dashboard dimensions: 1280 x 1920 (displays at 540)

Tumblr GIF size limit: 540 px, 1 MB max

Tumblr profiles are as varied as they come. Your theme may focus more on text, but pictures are as important here as any other social media site. Your profile photo won’t show as often as your profile name, but it’s still suitable for branding.

Stay Current on the Latest Social Media Photos, Banners, and Image Sizes

Social media is always in motion, and conversations move fast. You can’t miss any opportunities by not knowing the right social media picture sizes. You have to get your accounts in order so you can make your voice heard to your customers. Cover photos, profile pics, and banners make an excellent first impression. They add to the “completeness” of a profile, making you more trustworthy in the eyes of the public.

Keep this guide bookmarked. You’ll need a reference whenever you’re stumped on the best social media image sizes!

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