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One vital piece of the search engine optimization puzzle is the written content on the pages of your website – whether they are main pages or blog posts. Your content informs, entertains, and ultimately, drives consumers to your site. You can write it yourself, but if you’re not familiar with SEO, it could mean your website doesn’t perform as well as it could. In this post, we will dive into best practices for SEO Copywriting and exactly how SEO Inc. can help you achieve the best quality, most effective SEO Copywriting:

When people land on your website, check out your social media profiles, or read your email newsletters, is your content getting their attention? Or, is it sending them running to the competition? No matter which digital channels you’re using, a great deal of your success comes down to the content you’re putting out there. To grow, or even maintain your audience, you must create (and distribute!) content that your audience is looking for, will actively consume, and will share with their networks. That’s where our content creation services can help you.

At SEO Inc., we offer years of experience in SEO web content writing, and we’ll work with you to craft a content strategy so you can focus more on running your business while we focus on your digital assets. Our copywriting services will establish a voice (or match your existing one), help expand your online brand, and make it easier for people to find you. When combined with our on-page SEO optimization, you’ll have a powerful marketing strategy in place to compete with others in your niche.

Content Marketing Strategy

Online, it’s possible you’ll see people refer to a content marketing strategy and a content strategy interchangeably. The fact is, they are two different things, though they are related. We can help with both.

Your content marketing strategy is the “why” behind your content creation. Why are you creating your content? Who are you helping? How will you be helping them in ways no one else can? You’ll use content marketing to build your audience to increase revenue, reduce costs, earn better customers, or any combination of the three. We’ll help you document the content strategy to keep you on track as your business grows.

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Your content strategy is the creation and publication of the content that supports your content marketing strategy. We’ll work directly with you to craft a content strategy that’s tailored to your audience, your capacity, and most importantly, your goals. This ties in with SEO because we’ll help you find the best opportunities to reach the people who are already searching for what you have to offer. Based on what you tell us about your target audience, we’ll suggest the best media to use, and the best distribution channels to use to reach your audience. This will help you manage the content going forward.

We can also conduct a content audit, also known as content analysis, to see where you are with your existing content, and find ways to make improvements to it, so it becomes more useful to you and your audience. We’ll factor the current content, should any of it be kept, into your content strategy, so it continues to work for you.

Affordable, Quality, SEO Content Writing Done for You

We’ll handle any or all of your content creation needs – from website writing to blogging, and more. After we’ve nailed down your strategy, we’ll set to work on all the assets you need to execute the plan and watch your business grow properly.

SEO Copywriting

This is the main writing on your website, which serves as the central hub for all your digital marketing efforts. Everything else you do as part of your digital marketing strategy – from advertising and social media to SEO and PR will send people to your website. If you have poorly written SEO copy on your website – something that doesn’t convey the value you offer and provide the information people is looking for – then you won’t be able to turn those visitors into customers, followers, or brand ambassadors.

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Blog Writing

If you don’t enjoy writing blog posts for your website, there’s a good chance your audience doesn’t enjoy reading them. We can do it for you! Our professional team loves writing, and more specifically, storytelling. That’s the element that captures a reader’s attention and keeps them coming back for more. And, so we make sure to get it right, we spend time learning about you, your company, and your work, so we can match the voice you’ve created – and no one will ever know you didn’t write the content yourself. Our blog posts will always align with the elements of your content strategy, so the content serves a real purpose and promote action. We won’t just write blogs to say we wrote some blogs.

Flagship Content

This content is more than a standard article or blog post. It’s the content that goes above and beyond to provide value to your prospects and customers. Flagship content includes white papers, ebooks, case studies, guides, infographics, and more. This flagship content can boost your SEO by drawing more traffic and earning links from other websites. It’s also a prime tactic for growing your email list – by asking people to sign up for your list before they get access to it. We’ll help you find areas where you can provide high-value content, and then we’ll make it amazing.

Multimedia Content

What’s the best way to share your expertise or tell your story? If you’d like, we can suggest the options we think will work best for you, ranging from infographics to video and podcasting. If you choose any multimedia content in your strategy, you can quickly adapt any written content assets to make the process easier. And, we’ll help you get the full SEO benefit of any visual content to make sure it reaches the widest possible audience. For any media we don’t create in house, we’ll refer you to other creative professionals we trust.

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Other Types of Content We’ll Create for You

At SEO Inc., we don’t limit you to just the basics. The ideal content strategy will also include additional elements such as:

Social Media Updates
● Calls to Action for your Landing Pages
● Email Marketing Campaign Copy
Press Releases

We have a professional team of content creators who can develop the content you need to execute your strategy. If you have your team of writers, we can step in to assist you as SEO Consulting Services.

Content Curation

content curation

Not all the content you share on your social media channels has to originate with you. You can often reap benefits by sharing interesting content from partners, experts in your field, and the media. But, just like content creation, content curation can be quite time-consuming. We’ll help you discover, curate, and distribute the best content the internet has to offer today – and your audience will thank you for bringing it to their attention. When content curation is done well, you can build relationships with your audience while also establishing your authority.

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