New Twitter Tabs: Twitter Discover, Twitter Connect, Twitter Me

Twitter is pushing the envelope yet again with a new design and functionality.

“Today we introduce a new version of Twitter. We’ve simplified the design to make it easier than ever to follow what you care about, connect with others and discover something new. You’ll see this new design both on and mobile phones, so that you’ll have a familiar experience any time, anywhere. We’ve also updated TweetDeck to be consistent with this new version.” – Twitter

The new Twitter design and functionality looks similar to the Facebook Timeline in many ways. First, feel free to watch a video on the new design and functions, then we will explain them.

New Twitter Tabs: Twitter Discover, Twitter Connect, Twitter Me
New Twitter Design and Tabs

Twitter Home Tab
This is where you can see the Tweets from your followers.

According to Twitter, “It’s now easier and faster to see the information that matters most to you. Immediately access your favorite features from the left-hand side. Photos, videos, and conversations are embedded directly in Tweets so you can see the whole story at a glance. And now everything in Home will appear consistently across computers, iPhones, and Android mobile phones.”

Twitter Connect Tab
The new Connect tab gives you a place to access mentions, replies, and Tweet quotes. You can also see who has followed you, retweeted or favorited one of your Tweets.

Discover Tab
“When you use Discover, you’ll see results reflecting your interests—based on your current location, what you follow and what’s happening in the world. As you use Twitter more, Discover gets even better at serving up more content just for you. Whatever you’re curious about, Discover will help you find out more.” – Twitter

As we can see, the Discover tab on Twitter shows trends surrounding your interests.

Me Tab
The new profile section (Twitter Me tab) is your home spot on Twitter. Others can Tweet to you and view you the lists you have to create, favorites, followers, photos and more. The Me tab also lets you access the direct messages you have.

New Tweet Button
The new Tweet button lets you compose a message and send it out to your followers. Some of the more unique or improved functions include uploading photos, adding your location and linking to videos.

SEO Inc. will be keeping an eye on these changes to see how they affect Twitter organic operations and Twitter ads.

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