New Smartphone Google Pixel, Home Assistant, Hardware Revealed at #MadeByGoogle Event

Google unveiled several new tech products, including Google Pixel, its latest smartphone, at yesterday’s #MadeByGoogle event.

In the SEO industry, we’re used to paying attention to whatever Google says. But as these new devices prove, their more tangible technology offerings are also worth noting.

Tech junkies take note—Google has some good stuff coming up. We’ve summarized it all here for your reading pleasure.

Google Pixel—Google’s New Smartphone

Goodbye, Nexus—here comes Google Pixel.

Bot and PhoneKicking off the features of Google Pixel, the new smartphone has what Google calls “the highest-rated smartphone.” This is based on tests by DxO Labs, which gave an 89—their highest score to date—to the Pixel. The Pixel also boasts unlimited photo and video storage, as long as they’re taken with your Pixel. And yes, before you ask, it comes with a headphone jack.

Google’s introduction video to the Pixel flashes many other features by too quickly to read. Slowed them down and have listed them here:

  • A metal unibody
  • 5D Corning Gorilla Glass 4
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 821
  • 64Bit Quad-Core Processor
  • AMOLED Display
  • 5” QHD w/ 534 ppi
  • 5” FHD w/ 441ppi
  • True blacks
  • 10000:1, super contrast ratio
  • 77 million colors
  • 3MP camera
  • No bump
  • 55um large pixels
  • Optimized for low-light photography
  • f/2.0 aperture
  • Smart burst
  • Fingerprint sensor
  • Rear glass shade
  • Blue
  • Quite black
  • Very silver
  • Quick switch adapter
  • Android Nougat

“Phew,” as stated at the end video, is correct.

The Pixel will also join Google’s other new products together. It comes with Google Assistant built-in, and if you preorder Pixel, you’ll receive the Daydream View, Google’s VR headset, for free. Not a bad deal when you consider many other VR headsets. Go for one or a couple hundred dollars.

Google is releasing two versions, the Pixel and Pixel XL.

Google Home—Google’s Hands-Free Assistant

Google’s answer to Amazon Echo is called Google Home. Powered by its Google Assistant software, it features far-field voice recognition and touchpad control. It also has a high excursion speaker and a “mute mic” button for privacy. And if you’re worried about the aesthetic issue of having some new device taking up space in your room, you can customize the base by choosing from seven colors.

At the sound of “Ok Google,” Google Assistant can handle all the typical search-related questions you have—weather, traffic, sports, local restaurants, etc. You can also allow it to “learn about you and get personal” to prep you for your day, providing you with alarm times, retrieving flight info, or telling you about the traffic. It can also integrate with your smart devices to regulate temperature or control your home’s lighting.

Google wants Home and Assistant to make your everyday life a bit easier.

Daydream View—Google’s VR Headset

Virtual Reality is already among us, and now Google is looking to join in on the fun. The Daydiew works with Google’s Pixel smartphone to bring you all your viewing content (shows, movies, YouTube videos) right before your eyes. Concerts, sports, and 360-degree panorama ic videos will all be available for viewing pleasure in eye-popping VR.

Google’s site didn’t have many other details, except the Daydream View comes in three colors.

Other Google Hardware—Google WiFi and Chromecast Ultra

Google is releasing a WiFi system designed to “replace your router.” Google WiFi features intelligent software that keeps you on the fastest connection while optimizing your performance. A simple app manages your WiFi, letting you share passwords, see what devices are online, and “pause the signal” to specific devices (like the signals to your kids’ devices when it’s bedtime).

One Google WiFi device is sufficient for a 500-1500 ft. Home. Multiple devices may be used to cover larger homes.

Google’s new Chromecast Ultra will allow for 4K streaming, as well as HDR. It connects to your WiFi and plugs into your HDMI while your phone is remote. The Ultra will optimize your video content to get the best picture forty and resolution.

Google’s continuing devotion to the everyday user is as impactful in the physical realm as the digital one. Google Pixel, Google Assistant, and their other new hardware seem more than just neat but convenient. We’ll have to see whether these devices catch on and what kind of impact they have on the tech world at large.

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