How to Increase Your Local Facebook Likes with These Search Optimization Tips

Running your local business’s Facebook page is more challenging than it seems. Even if you post daily, you might not see significant results. If your Facebook “likes” are stuck at a woefully low number, you may consider just giving it up.

But anyone can tell you the benefits of Facebook – ask your local search engine optimization company. We at SEO Inc. want to go one step further. Sure, we could tell you about social engagement, an online public presence, plus the ever-present chance one of your posts could go viral. Or we could provide you with a few search optimization tips you can use for your profile.

The first of our local search engine optimization tips: Keep using your Facebook. Facebook is a powerful tool that, when used the right way, will get you the business you want and a more visible profile. And we’ve got the search engine optimization tips for you to get it.

The Best Search Optimization Tips for Driving Interest on Facebook

FaceBook LogoYour social media campaign has you posting frequently to keep you in the public eye. However, you’re just wasting time and words if you don’t post the right stuff. Our local search optimization tips are designed to enhance your Facebook content by targeting the local demographic. Doing so can increase your Facebook page’s visibility and social presence.

Have an “ideal reader.” It pays to know your audience. You should post with an “ideal reader” in mind. Your ideal reader will read your content, enjoy it, and, better yet, engage with it.

Does your Facebook post ask a question? Your ideal reader will answer it. Did you post a release date for a new product? Your ideal reader will excitedly comment on it. Are you having a meet-and-greet at your brick-and-mortar location? Your ideal reader is the first to RSVP.

Share local photos. You don’t need Search Engine Optimization for Dummies to tell you that people love visual content. Sharing pictures of local hotspots will have people “liking” your page as much as their favorite locations in no time.

Use hashtags that promote local events. Hashtags are great for starting conversations – even more so locally. If you make an effort to be aware of all the latest happenings and trends, you’ll know which words have the potential to generate customer interest.

Take Advantage of Facebook’s Tools

Social MediaFacebook has considerable influence in expanding your brand to new people. Facebook realizes its importance in giving businesses a place to engage with customers, so it has implemented several tools to help you do that.

Local awareness ads. Facebook’s easy-to-use ad service functions much the same way as pay-per-click ads. These ads can appear on desktop and mobile devices whenever people use Facebook near your business’s location.

Think of it this way: Everyone carrying a smartphone in your business’s proximity could be a customer. So you need to apply the same local search marketing strategies as you would when designing other ads. You must include an attention-grabbing message, an image, and even directions to your business.

Fill out your entire profile. When designing your Facebook page, leave no field blank – especially not your Bio and About fields. Google grabs info from these fields to use in its search results, which makes it the perfect place to include money keywords. This may seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t take advantage of it. It’s the most essential local search engine optimization service Facebook provides.

Why Local Results Matter

Mobile phones are everywhere. People use them to look up directions, find local restaurants, and check in on Facebook. Mobile is growing, and it’s not stopping anytime soon.

Google is increasing its focus on mobile rankings, and Facebook ads let you cater to those who have phones in your area. Even if you’re a global enterprise, the “local vote” is something you shouldn’t ignore. It can help build search engine relevancy and page visibility.

Our search engine optimization services can help you get exactly this.

If you follow our free SEO tips, you’re sure to see your numbers increase. But don’t just quit if you find it overwhelming. You need to take advantage of the SEO services available now more than ever. You could increase your Facebook likes, reach, and overall business with the right local search engine optimization company.

Why not choose SEO Inc.? We’re eager to prove why we’re the best search engine optimization company. We have all the proven website optimization tips you need to turn your Facebook profile into a valuable tool for your business. Just give us a call.

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