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Search Engine Marketing and platforms are everchanging. Driving results and traffic through SEO, PPC and more can be difficult without keeping track of the latest changes and information. Get the latest search engine news and information to keep updated with the evolution of search technology.






Page speed has been the central discussion for the SEO community lately, with much impetus given to Google’s new speed metric, WebVitals. Google and other search engines have been vocal that user engagement is a significant ranking factor for quite some time. So naturally, web admins have been trying to reach the best page speed...
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Since Google and other search engines are constantly updating and upgrading their algorithms, we here at SEO Inc. understand that implementing an SEO strategy is an inherently complex process. Thankfully, SEO optimization is our core area of expertise, so we offer a myriad of solutions to fit your particular requirements and budget. Be it website...
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Early yesterday morning, the SEO underground was buzzing with alarm, as webmasters posting on the Black Hat World and WebmasterWorld forums shared horror stories of dropped rankings, tanking keywords, and halted traffic. Search Engine Roundtable’s Barry Schwartz reported chatter occurring in the wee hours of March 8th, with several forums proclaiming “massive” drops in traffic....
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Google In jail
Google has announced the release of a mobile-friendly test API. The test API will allow webmasters to automate their mobile-friendliness checks rather than check for it manually. Google has provided samples to help webmasters get started with the test API. The API is currently running in beta in Search Console. Users may try out the...
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Three mobile phones lie in a row. Six apps, presented as multi-colored boxes, are arranged in two rows of three.
On January 10th, Google began rolling out its mobile interstitial and pop-up change. Initially announced in August 2016, the change will devalue rankings for mobile sites with intrusive interstitials and pop-ups. What is an intrusive interstitial? “Intrusive” interstitials or pop-ups block the main content of a site from view. They can appear immediately or over...
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Skull and Crossbones for Toxic Links
In a recent blog, Google reports that “the time has come to retire the Content Keywords feature.” Content Keywords were the primary method webmasters used to see how Google viewed their site, as well as if Google was able to crawl their pages or if their site was hacked. Why We Don’t Need Content Keywords...
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Google Mobile first image
Google has begun experimenting with mobile-first indexing, which was first announced in mid-October. The mobile-first index will primarily show mobile results over desktop results, which should be “more useful” to the user base who is searching more and more on mobile. Google has offered some recommendations for webmasters to prepare for the mobile-first index: You...
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Gary Illyes stated at Pubcon last week that Google will soon divide its search results between mobile and desktop. The change will occur “within months.” Once released, the two indexes will no longer show the same results. The new, separate Mobile Index will become Google’s primary index. Splitting mobile and desktop indexes will allow Google...
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Google Penguin
Google Penguin 4.0 is here! The long-awaited update (and the last of its kind) has released today and is running in real-time as part of Google’s core algorithm. This is the last Penguin update we will hear about, as further updates will be baked into Google’s continuous algorithm updates. Read on to find out more...
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Google logo
With Google placing a greater emphasis on AMP pages, more users are attempting to “AMPlify” their pages. As a result, Google recently shared two helpful guides to help users successfully implement their accelerated mobile pages. Google’s first guide shows how users can use Google Search Console to check up on your AMP pages. Google stresses...
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