7 Important SEM Lessons from an Award-Winning Company

Search engine marketing (SEM) can be a business’s best friend. A solid SEM strategy can bring loads of new business to your doorstep—or at the very least, to your online shopping cart.

However, you could lose much money if misused, with little to show for the effort. That sting doesn’t heal quickly, but the real kicker is that you could have avoided your losses with some SEM know-how.

It’s okay—we’ve all been new to the SEM game. But if you duck out for good now, you could miss out on all the sales and customers you could get. So here are a few SEM lessons from an award-winning company to get you back in the game.

SEO Inc. was named #2 Best SEM Company of February 2017 for PromotionWorld and FindBestSEO. Read on to learn our strategies for SEM success.

7. Check AdWords early and often.

Google AdWords gets your ads in front of new eyes. While you may be content to let your ads run rampant, netting the occasional new customer, you could be much more proactive. How? By taking a close look at how your ads are performing.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many businesses “fire and forget” their ads. But the more you invest in your ads, the more attention you should pay them. Our advice? Learn AdWords inside and out and see just how effective your ads are.

6. Don’t ignore desktop ads.

Yes, we all know mobile is the new frontier. But the desktop still has a noticeable impact on users’ purchasing habits. This is because your ads get plastered on a much bigger screen on the desktop. So if you’ve just designed a real eye-popper of an ad, you might see more success with it on desktop than mobile. Monitoring your ad in AdWords (like you should be doing) will reveal if it is proper or needs a little more work.

5. Use remarketing ads differently from your other ads.

All ads were not created equally. The ads you ultimately show new users should not be the same as those you display to users who have already been to your site. You’ll want to create targeted ads for your remarketing lists, which appeal to customers who have previously shown interest in your product. Remarketing ads give those users a little extra nudge toward a purchase. Use them wisely!

4. Micro conversions need love, too.

Macro conversions, like selling a product,t are the end goal, but too many businesses ignore micro conversions. A micro conversion, like subscribing to a newsletter, can be crucial in seeing how potential customers interact with your site. More importantly, micro conversions can help show you what you can improve on your website. For example, if no one’s signing up for your newsletter, maybe you need a more prominent subscribe button. So track your micro conversions—they’re critical to helping you understand the buyer journey.

3. Keep an eye on Google algorithm changes.

Panda, Penguin, and their animal ilk have a way of significantly changing the SEO world. These algorithms don’t directly impact SEM much. However, the smaller mini-updates and changes that occur many times throughout the year certainly do. For example, the notorious Quality update made writing excellent landing page content a priority.

Although they don’t generate as much buzz as the Unholy Trinity, these small algorithm changes can significantly impact our day-to-day work. So keep your eyes and ears open for potential changes that could catch you off guard.

2. Make your landing page wicked fast.

Maybe you took our advice and executed the SEM lessons you learned here. However, if the landing page you send people to doesn’t load fast, none of your hard work will matter—no one will wait for your page to load.

Improving your TTFB (time to first byte) and getting your site on a CDN (content delivery network) can have you firing on all cylinders. So when customers click your ads, they’ll have everything they need to learn more about your product because the landing page hasn’t wasted their time by taking forever to load.

And the number one lesson from an award-winning SEM company…

1. You can’t do SEM without SEO.

You technically could ignore SEO in favor of a strong paid search strategy. But when SEO and SEM work together, they can bring in higher profits than alone.

Really—it’s statistically proven. SEO and SEM complement each other, creating a “second opinion effect” for customers to reinforce that they need the product they keep seeing in the ads. And that’s when you start dominating in both organic and paid search.

We hope you’ve learned a few SEM lessons about refining your paid search strategy. Now get back in there and get bidding!

Another thank you to FindBestSEO and PromotionWorld for naming us their #2 Best SEM Company of February 2023!

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