Pay Per Click - PPC Advertising

Looking for a better pay per click advertising company or strategy to increase the awareness of your brand and drive revenue? If so, SEO Inc. is here to help. We know that a strong pay per click marketing plan is essential for your business to remain relevant and competitive. This is why we employ our Triple "A" Mantra when developing a custom campaign for you:

  • "Analyze" your paid performance. 
  • "Assess" low hanging fruit and untapped opportunities.
  • "Address" future strategies for improvement.

We pay special attention to each and every detail when managing your PPC advertising campaign and Pay Per Click marketing account.

PPC Management Services:

Pay Per Click Marketing Research and Planning -- Every business is different. We learn what makes you different and how you might stand out from your competitor in this environment

PPC Advertising Keyword Analysis -- We’ll discover the keywords that have high potential to bring you highly-targeted traffic

Pay Per Click Marketing Strategy -- The strategy will likely include keyword list development, ad creation, optimized campaign structure, and landing page creation or optimization.

Pay Per Click Deployment and Testing -- Timing and testing is everything. We’ll systematically roll out your strategy and adjust to optimize it as we move forward.

PPC Marketing Management -- We never set up a campaign and run. We continually review all the components of your campaign -- from keywords to landing pages -- to ensure a high rate of return.

Eliminate the pressure of managing your paid media strategy and PPC campaigns. Let SEO Inc., a leading paid media agency, handle your account. We will ensure your goals get met and each and every dollar spent on your paid media strategy is optimized to the fullest.

Agency Level Partnership - Benefits of Being a Client

Let us help you get on good terms with the top search engines.

We’ve had established partnerships with all the major search engines for years. We’ve completed and maintained all their required certifications including Search, Display PPC Advertising, Analytics, and Shopping to enjoy partnership status. So what does an agency level partnership mean for you? Being on good terms with the search engines lets us give our clients the VIP treatment. Check out our PPC Case Studies.

Being agency partners with Google, Bing, and Yahoo! lets us help with not only your paid search (PPC) marketing strategies but with your overall business objectives. As our client, you’ll get priority support for your website, as well as access to exclusive features and beta products. You’ll also get quarterly business reviews to see how you’re doing, as well as training on specific channels and products (YouTube/Video, Branding, Mobile, Shopping) to help your business do even better.

Take a test drive with the PPC advertising services from SEO Inc., and we’ll help you get on the fast track to success


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