A fresh site is an optimized site.

A fresh and from the ground up optimized site is why it's a good idea to make changes to your website when necessary. SEO Inc. can provide you with high quality, custom, SEO-friendly web content management system (CMS) to benefit your company by saving precious time and resources, increasing production and reducing downtime. More importantly, a good, SEO CMS system can bring your site valuable exposure from search engines if the CMS system are built according to their standards. A custom CMS system is just one of the many pieces for the SEO puzzle. Adding this piece to your business' arsenal can improve efficiency among content and other SEO services.

Let us help develop your site into an SEO-friendly web content management system that gives you full control over your online presence. We will work within any existing web content management systems, allowing you to refresh your site’s design while maintaining the familiarity of your current workflow. With SEO Inc. designed or redesigned content management systems, you can control your websites, and update content as frequently as you like. 

Our SEO CMS system includes the functionality of:

  • Adding new pages
  • Editing existing content
  • Blogs
  • Uploading videos

We also offer a complete content management system design, if needed, for a one-of-a-kind CMS that will put you ahead of the competition. The CMS system templates we create are all created with W3C compliant HTML and CSS, which helps with cross-browser compatibility, web accessibility, and organic search engine optimization. We also will optimize your website, so the proper information on your site is directly in the search engines’ paths.

We are the ultimate one-stop shop for SEO-friendly web content management systems.

Our SEO-friendly Content Management Systems include all of the following functionalities:

  • The ability to generate static, search-friendly URLs by utilizing main keywords from the actual page within the URL. Our CMS reduces the number of directories and eliminates long, dynamic URLs which, to a certain extent, are spider-able but aren't a great SEO practice.
  • The ability to add unique page titles on all pages throughout the entire website
  • The ability to add unique Meta information such as Meta Keywords, Meta Description, etc.
  • The ability to hard code HTML into the content section
  • The ability to manipulate HTML tags within the content
  • Full access to the site’s main navigation and the ability to manage and apply code changes when necessary
  • Automated XML sitemaps
  • 301 redirection. If you decide to rename a URL on your site, this allows you to customize your CMS system to automatically update any links targeting the old URL throughout the entire website.
  • The ability to generate breadcrumbs throughout the entire website, maintaining consistency and different possible paths going to various internal pages without confusing the end user.
  • Compliance with W3C standards that might affect or influence the site from being validated by including specific HTML tags and reducing back-end code weight on pages such as unnecessary white space, inline JavaScript, inline CSS (Cascading Style Sheet), and more.

We provide SEO statistics for every page. These can appear as pop-ups next to the page link or in any other form, replacing multiple tools and saving you and effort.

Statistics available with CMS systems include:

  • Page rank
  • List of keywords on a page
  • Keyword density next to each term
  • Total number of subpages that fall under that page
  • Whether 301 or 302 occurs on the page
  • Total number of characters within the body section
  • Keyword rankings on major search engines
  • Number of pages indexed by search engines for that specific directory and its subpage

Are you looking for a robust and easy way to keep your site fresh? A custom CMS from SEO Inc. is your answer. 

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